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Help! Advice please! Travel by airplane

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  • Help! Advice please! Travel by airplane

    Help! Advice please! I am feeling an overwhelming amount of anxiety about a number of things so keep up with me in this disorganized post.

    This will be my first flight since being diagnosed with IC April 2012 and I am terrified. We are going on a 12 hour flight in the next month and I am anxious. What will I eat? In 12 hours I am bound to have to use the bathroom a number of times. We travel 3 hour car trips quite often to visit family and I always get a flare. Will it be the same in an airplane? My husband says I worry too much things will work out, it will be fine. He has been so supportive since being diagnosed and has learned everything he can about IC however, sometimes I feel like he just doesn't understand.

    The whole reason we are taking this trip is because he has a conference, which is a whole separate anxiety as I am expected to be at the conference luncheons and dinners. I don't want to stand out but I keep worrying that I won't be able to eat anything. With a conference of 300 people it is not as if I can say "excuse me but what is in this food?"

    We love to travel (keeping in mind we have only gone 3 places since we were married July 2011 but still), travel used to be all about the food and now I feel anxious- what am I going to eat, what if I get a flare? My husband tells me I should be excited but all I feel is stressed and anxious. At home, when I am in control of what goes into my body I don't feel as restricted, but the unknown of what is unbearable at times.

    I hope you could keep up with this post. All positive posts are welcome :)

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    There are some things you can do that may help you. For one thing when you fly try to get a seat on the aisle. You can tell the flight attendants you have a bladder infection and may need to use the bathroom freq. Much easier than trying to explain IC and they understand bladder infections.

    Another thing would be if you can buy some water after you get past security in the airport. I don't travel much anymore so I don't know how the food situation is handled on planes anymore.

    As for your conference food. I guess keep it simple. If you get a salad, ask for dressing on the side and then if need be you can eat it without dressing. I can eat pototoes ok. You could also maybe have a stash of food in your hotel room to eat some before you go so if there isn't much you can eat you won't be starved.

    Most of all enjoy your trip! I am sure some of the other members that travel a lot will be around to add to this.

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      I actually love flying. It's a kind of magic that I can get on a plane and be in the tropics by the end of TODAY! I wish I could pack a bag this instant and be on my way. There are some things you can do to help --- let the flight attendant know about your IC --- most will be very helpful. Be sure your medications are in prescription containers and with you (NEVER check through medications in the rare event your bags are lost). Take along some IC safe snacks. You can't take bottled water into the secure areas at the airport, but you should be able to pick some up after going though security. Oh, yes, if they're going to feed you a meal, check ahead of time with the airline about a special diet meal. The aisle seat is a good idea so you don't have to squeeze past people to go to the bathroom. Get up and walk fairly frequently.

      Most important --- HAVE A GREAT TIME!

      Stay safe

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