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My husband left and found another woman after 25 years

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  • My husband left and found another woman after 25 years

    My husband left he he did not love me anymore and it didn't help that our intimacy had declined. I became sick with VV and IC 10 years ago. Our marriage has not been the same. Sex was a difficult topic because of the pain. I am now alone and feel I will never find anyone new. I cant help but blame IC for him looking to another woman. He told her about our failed sex life. I feel so humiliated and alone. I hate this disease. Are there any men out there who support/stay with their spouses with IC? I hope I will find someone like this one day.

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    Re: My husband left and found another woman after 25 years

    I'm so very sorry this is happening to you. I also feel sympathy for the woman he is involved with; by his current activities, it should be obvious that he won't be there for her over the long run --- and he seems to have forgotten the promise he made 25 years ago. When we marry, the vows we take almost always include "in sickness and in health."

    Please do NOT blame yourself, or even your illness. There are men out there who love us and will always offer support --- I have been married to one for 46 years now --- and was diagnosed 43 years ago.

    I encourage you to talk with your pastor, or a professional counselor, to help you through this.

    Warm hugs,
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      Re: My husband left and found another woman after 25 years

      Thank you so much for your kind reply Donna. I can’t help but wonder if I was more sexually healthy then maybe would have not gone to another woman.:(