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  • Would it bother you?

    Wednesday my Niece emailed me and asked if I would be home yesterday afternoon so she could come get an item she was supposed to come and get 2 months ago. I told her yes I would be here. I asked her if she was staying for super. She didn't have to but I needed to know so I could get food to cook for her. I myself don't need cooked food. She never answered so I went to the store and bought a chicken and potatoes to bake. Figured if she didn't stay to eat the chicken could go for my cats to eat. Well, she never showed up. She didn't call me..........or even tell me on FB. I kept checking everything and nothing from her. She was on FB posting things. So, this was the 4th time she has stood me up. The last time was in March and I sat in my van for 1/2 hour at a stores parking lot waiting for her in the cold. We were meeting there and driving together to the Mall for shopping. I kept texting her with no response so I went to the Mall without her. She finally texted me back 3 hours later! Saying she was so sorry but she was tired and slept. She has a dog that has to be fed and let out for bathroom time so it's not like she could just sleep straight through. I never responded back to her. Just let it go but I'm done being stood up. Her brother does the same thing to me. Would any of you say anything to her or just let it go? I know it won't do any good to mention it to her and she'll just get mad and tell me off. As far as the item she was supposed to come get (family item that I was handing down to her) I'm not sure I want to give to her now. I've already given her and her brother family items but I doubt they will be kept or taken care of. Her mom was the same way (who was my sister).

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    Re: Would it bother you?

    The only thing I can think of is to not invite her for a meal --- that way you won't have bought food you don't need. If she wants to know if you'll be home on a particular day or time --- you can always suggest that she telephone immediately before she comes over.

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      Re: Would it bother you?

      I've already decided to never cook a meal again for her but I do like your idea of having her call before she comes.