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    Please correct me if I'm wrong because I've always wondered this. The written purpose of this board is for family members of ICers to express themselves not for ICers to express themselves about family members. So, how come anytime I ever check it, it's people with IC writing about their families...? I imagine that is confusing to the partners who might want to use it...or the children of IC patients, etc If it was used for our families, we could tell them about it.

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    Seems to me that this part of the board hasn't been used, until we started talking about direct conflict in dealing with our family members. I'd the space if spouses, kids, parents, aunt and uncles were using it but they are not. So, use it up. Alot of times things that might have fit better under a differet category are posted where ever the poster feels comfy with....let them use the space. As long as they aren't trying to sell anything or hurt anyone, what difference does it make
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      I too think family members us whichever topic best fits what they are talking about.
      I know when I had a difficult delivery my husband posted on the "I'm pregnant" board to let those who knew about me that I wouldn't be on here for awhile. He probably never thought to use this topic board.
      And I would think if we didn't use it at all, eventually the ICN would take it off.?
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        I see. I hear what you guys are saying. I do hope people will feel comfortable posting issues about marriages and partners on the sex and romance board though... When I first started going to the ICN and it was a much smaller situation, my husband did post on it for advice but that was years ago before there was this particular board. I guess I was just thinking about whether there were people like him out there out there now who were new to struggling with this with their ICer partners. Now, my husband doesn't need to do it. ANyway, whatever works for you guys is cool with me.


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          I agree, use what space we can. My husband on a few occasions has posted, again on the subject at hand. He has always identified himself so that no one confuses his opionions with mine. I think in a lot of cases the point would be lost if it were not posted with the appropriate subject.

          That being said, I do feel if a family member needs support or has a question they don't know where to post this is the place. For that matter I don't think anyone would be opposed if they just got on here and wanted to post even if it were in the wrong place. If they need help, anytime we can get support from family I for one would answer or support anyone even if it is in the wrong place. I remember the years of no support or understanding and it is the pits.


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            I have to agree --- there is a board for discussing talking with family members --- I'll try to be more alert so I can move messages there when that's the most appropriate place for them.

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              Youch..............were you talking about my last post Julie?

              I guess there can be some confusion, I would love to have more family members post here. I have gotten one of my kids to post occasionally, and I sometimes send posts that help my husband understand things in email form to him.

              Let me start a new string and see what happens.....thanks for the insight everyone, I will see what I can do to encourage family members to post..........
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                I wasn't talking about any particular post, just what I've seen when I've stopped by and it was not meant to be a criticism just an exploratory question.