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    Well Doodlebug went from a B+ to and F!!! HOW????
    Well the "student" teacher that assigned this assgenment from hell is a total moron. It took me 4 phone calls and then me going up to the school and demand a call from him to get a response. He told me she had 4 missing assignments and that is why... OK>> Dooblebug was here and I asked her.. "Where are those assignments that were needed to be turned in today??? (they were from the days she missed with the flu) She said mom I gave them to him, and I repeated he statment to him and he said "No, she did not" then of course I asked my daughter, and she said.. "Mom, He handed me the stapler and told me to staple them all togeather and hand them to him he took them with the stapler", and I told him, he said "I went thru my papers and she did not" Well at this point I was fuming, and said.. "AMUSE ME and LOOK" he told me he didnt have to she didn't turn them in.... I told him aain you told her to staple them and you took them with the stapler... well he said let me gt my stuff...... ggggggrrrr ok well "HE HAD THEM" OH I was po'ed!!!! So Mr.. so and so Explain to me how she went from a B+ to an F now!!!!!! he said I am the student teacher and I have 15 years of Earth Science experience... ok thats nice to har explain the grade! he says, this entire class is failing with the exception of 6 people... SO I said... "Thne the fault of the failure in your class dosen't have any thing to do wiith the students it has to do with the teaching! If your entire class is failing there is a major problem!!!! Then I asked, Are you aware my daughter has a learning disability, he says I heard that!!! well sir I will be up there monday Morning have ashley records and the othr FAILED students and we will figure out if its the student or the "Student Teacher"..............
    am I wrong
    'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'

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    Some teachers really stink... I took cupcakes to Jacob's kindergarten class Friday and heard his teacher YELLING at the kids. I can take some yelling, but this was nasty. I met with the principal before I even left the school... frown

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      Of course you are not wrong, fight that all the way up the chain of command! If all are failing then they are NOT LEARNING, whose fault is that?


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        I agree, someone has to stand up for those kids, and maybe the other parents aren't aware of this situation. Maybe after your talk, inform some other parents of this problem. If enough of you investigate maybe something can be done.
        Good Luck


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          grouphug grouphug grouphug good for you Cindy standing up for your daughter. I am so proud of you. You were not wrong.
          Hang in there , There is hope.
          There is hope. Prayer works.

          Love, Debbie


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            Way to go Brat, you are not wrong at all, I do not blame your for sticking up for your daughter. Looks like that teacher, student teacher, or whatever he is, has a certain part of his anatomy stuck up another certain part of his anatomy. Let us know how it goes on Monday. Good for you getting hold of him face to face and find out what was going on, take care and good luck Iris hi cussing wink
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              cindy i know we talked about this bull crap last night but like i said i think those other children are passing for a differnt reason. they are his fav pick for some reason this man has some serious problems and you are one of them i feel sorry for him i wouldnt want to be in his shoes when you are done with him. eek
              I WOULD DO THE SAME THING I STAND BEHIND YOU 100% if we where closer together i would go with you and help you raise he roof off that school!
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                Oh what a difficult situation for both you and Doodlebug! As in all professions, there are some truly outstanding teachers, some ok ones and, unfortunately, some very "bad apples". Dealing with the bad ones is so frustrating for parents as our children are the ones who suffer the consequences of their inadequacies! As a parent, I, too, had to deal with this situation on more than one occasion. I also was a high school science teacher for many years. Please don’t condemn all science teachers! There are many effective, dedicated ones out there (I was named one of the Outstanding Secondary Educators of America). As a teacher, I can tell you it is also very difficult for other educators to have to deal with these “bad apples” and the damage they do to the students and the entire school environment.

                It appears you do have to stand up for your daughter on this occasion. How you handle the situation, however, is going to effect the outcome. Because you are dealing with a student teacher, you have a unique opportunity to not only correct the situation for your daughter, but also to influence the methods and techniques this future teacher might use in his classrooms once he is out on his own. No matter his age, work experience or background, he is a STUDENT learning how to teach and interact with administrators as well as parents. He is not yet a full-fledged certified teacher. All student teachers must be under the guidance of a supervisory teacher. The ultimate responsibility and authority for all that goes on in the classroom lies with the supervisory teacher. The student teacher has no real power. Additionally, student teachers are further supervised and evaluated by their college or university. Successful completion of the student teaching experience is one of the requirements that must be met before the student teacher can be certified and allowed to obtain a regular teaching position.

                I know how frustrated and angry you are about this situation. However, if you go into a meeting with this student teacher with “both barrels blazing”, he is going to become more defensive rather than becoming cooperative and willing to work with you. He has a great deal to lose here, too, and will feel he and his entire future are being attacked. It seems to me that your best approach would be to arrange a meeting with BOTH the student teacher and his supervisory teacher. Be very organized with a list of every one of your concerns and grievances. Do your best to calmly go over each of your concerns and questions one at a time. Expect the teachers to address and explain their views on each topic. If you disagree with their answers, politely tell them so and explain your reasons. Be sure to ask them what they are willing to do to assist Doodlebug with her special needs and what you might do to help them with this. Insist upon regularly scheduled communication with you (notes or phone calls) so you can be kept up-to-date on assignments, tests and your daughter’s progress. If you show them, again, you want to work WITH them, you are much more likely to get positive results. Be sure and document (save written notes, write down dates and times of phone calls, etc.) everything! If, after going through all this, the situation does not change, your next step would be to schedule a meeting with both of these teachers AND the school principal. At this time you would once again state all of your concerns and explain to the principal all the actions you have taken to work with the involved teachers on these issues. Give them all of the documentation you have kept. Then it would be up to the principal to take action.

                Believe me, I fully understand you just want to run in there Monday and tell this teacher off! To get positive results for Doodlebug, however, that just won’t work. Keep venting here instead where all of us who have been there understand!

                Good luck!!! Please let us know what happens.


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                  I went to the school and of course he was un available surprise surprise but teacher conferences will be coming!
                  'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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                    The way I dealt with problems with teachers (and with asthmatic children I had some) was to write a letter to the Superintendent of the School district with a copy to the Principal of the school and a copy to the teacher.

                    I never failed to get their attention.

                    The problems with this teacher need to be dealt with by his supervisors. And you can always request that your child be assigned a different teacher.

                    I absolutely agree that you need to stand up for your child.

                    Warm encouraging hugs,
                    Stay safe

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                      grouphug grouphug grouphug
                      Hang in there , There is hope.
                      There is hope. Prayer works.

                      Love, Debbie