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Life is upside down

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  • Life is upside down

    I feel as if I am going in 90 directions
    My husband is still in the hospital and now mom is also. He is really making an effort to try to get things out so he will be well, He has decided to stay 45 days total instead of just 30 that is the max the insurance will pay. So he has to get out then ready or not. He will then go to the A/A meeting at his job and Anger Management with carlperkins, I will be going to Alon and codepency meetings and couple therephy all of this will be free thank God Because we do not have alot of money but We both want our marriage to work out.
    My daughter is like a new child she is so happy and runnys around happy all the time now I did not realize how stressed out she was, She is only 17 months I did not think they felt the stress. I feel guilty for it.
    We need prayers daily please.
    Also Mom is sick she has a kidney infection and is in the hospital around the corner almost from my husband. She told me to not try to come both place it is too hard but I have to know they are both ok.
    She plays with Angel with the aid of the nurse while I se my husband no children under 12 are allowed in the a/a ward . My husband walks down with a nurse and kisses her on the cheek and then I have to take her to mom. Dad helps out with her alot to.Mom likes getting to play with her. She said that is the hardest part of the hospital.
    She has to stay in the hospital until at least Monday She was sad about it because she thought it was for three days. Doctors said he was to afraid to let her go home because she still had blood in cat. She has a IVp today to make sure there is no kidney damamge. I do not know what that involves But I am scared because mom only has one kidney. They are testing her brothers to see if they are capatiable in case of emergency trans is needed at some point.
    I am not sleeping for worring and I know I should talk to God more about it instead of worring but I over loaded and under so much stress. Dad is also. He took off the rest of week to be with mom and to help me out with Angel I hope to go to sleep again just need to unload I over load. Thanks for listening.

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    Valval we are all praying for your family. I know we can't be there in person but know we are only a keyboard away if you need to talk.
    We hope and pray everyone is fine after this crisis.
    Right now (since the medical proffessionals are caring for your family) the most important thing is to TRY and take care of yourself! You have to be healthy for your daughter and everyone else. If you go down-think about it-you have to stay strong and healthy. I could certainly understand you wanting to fall apart with everything you are under right now but you CAN"T!! Try your best to get some rest. That way you can be of more help to everyone.
    When everyone gets well THEN you can fall apart!!!


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      {{{{{valval}}}}} Your family is definately in my prayers. What your husband is doing is great and as long as he sticks to his meetings EVERY day after he gets out of the hospital, he should be fine...there is a saying in AA "90 meetings in 90 days". I remember when I started going that kinda p*ssed me off so I went to two a day so that the 90 meetings wouldn't take so long. Then, I found out that I actually liked the meetings and ended up going for almost 10 years. Those meetings saved my life and saved my family too. Both of you are doing the right thing and I'm sure that God is on your side right now.

      Tell your mom that I am thinking about her constantly thru out the day and saying special prayers for her.

      Like shel said, once this is all over with, you can fall apart but right now you have to stay strong...share all of this stuff when you go to your meetings and share it here too. Please don't keep it inside. A problem shared is cut in half.

      tons and tons of hugs~
      and even more prayers~
      Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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        I am thinking of you and yours.

        ([email protected])