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I sure know how Teri feels

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  • I sure know how Teri feels

    I am going through divorce right now. He never understood my IC and Endometriosis. Sex was good, but of course there were SOME times I couldn't. It's not the primary cause of the divorce. I'm divorcing him b/c he screwed around on my and then started getting physical with me when Iconfronted him about it. He hit me. He said that I should understand his affairs since he was so supportive of me whenver I was ahving flair-ups. (? Yeah, go figure) It was when I had flair-ups that he screwed around.

    IC affects every relationsyhip, especially family. My kids have pulled away from me too and are mad sometimes when I can't do all for them that I used to. I am currently staying with my mother and my IC pain has gone through the roof. I am disabled from this and can't even work part-time now. I won't ever get married again. I don't think anyone can understand this.


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    Hey *Fire*:

    Sounds like your soon-to-be Ex is a real loser!! Pardon my bluntness, but I can't help telling it like it is when I hear stories like yours.

    To add insult to injury, your Ex tries to make you feel responsible for his infidelity on top of the guilt you probably already feel related to the sexual dysfunction IC (and the drugs we MUST take) can cause.

    YOU GO GIRL. Git yourself a divorce as soon as possible, because he is worth less as a man than you are a woman with IC. Once you are through with all of this stress, get control of your health and take your life back. As far as the kids are concerned, I think the fact that their parents are splitting up is more the issue in their withdrawal. I wonder if your soon-to-be Ex is filling their head with hints that it's your fault for the split. Communicate with them and be open and honest about the issues regarding your health and the divorce.

    Hang in there, because this is only a short bad stretch of time in relation to your overall life that doesn't have to destroy you. You have a bright future ahead, even if it doesn't seem that way now.>Tina
    What you are is God's gift to you...What you make of yourself is your gift to God.


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      hi Fire All the best to a bright future! Tina took the words right out of my mouth!Well said! grouphug