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birthday gift for my boyfriend??

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  • birthday gift for my boyfriend??

    My boyfriend Jamen is turning 24 on December 5th. I have no clue as to what to get him. He's so picky. I asked him and he said nothing. He's really into cars, hunting, & football. I've gotten him everything he ever needed for hunting. As for car parts, they're so expensive I cant afford the stuff he wants!! I was thinking of maybe getting him a gift card to a spa to get a real massage. Because he always complains he wants a back rub bc it hurts. He hates lotion or oils put on him so how is he going to let some women give him a massage without that stuff?? Plus i dont know if he'd actually go there by himself. iyiyiy anybody got any clues?? Oh yea and he doesn't wear jewlery!!! Is he difficult or what?!
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    Does he like music? How about a good CD or maybe a good movie? It is hard to buy for men sometimes. What about clothes or maybe take him out to a real nice dinner. Whatever you decide I am sure he will enjoy it because it is a gift from you
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      You might get him a gift certificate to his favorite car parts place --- or even a pre-paid visa with an amount you can afford. You could then wrap a box of his favorite candy along with the gift certificate.

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        I like Donna's idea. My husband is very techy, so I have a hard time understanding what he wants much less going to pick it out, so I get him a gift card for Best Buy or whatever computer store. I would much rather give him a gift, but after almost 25 years of having to give him the receipt since I didn't get it right or him actually showing me at the store, the gift card is the thing to buy as well as taking him to his favorite restaurant.


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          My husband is turning 34 in a few days. I'm going to get him a couple outdoor speakers for the backyard. In the past I've gotten him an espresso maching, a telescope, a skateboard bag, a massage gift certificate (didn't go well - too rough), a margarita bucket, rootbeer and candy, tequila, a digital camera (twice), a printer, a stand-up mixer (he like to cook) hmmmm that's all I can think of. I got him a clock for our anniversary. He wants a beach cruiser too, but I think that may be too much for X-mas.
          He actually told me not to get him anything because he's getting a carborater for his Honda 50. He's pretty spoiled. I never buy myself anything really.
          I think a gift certificate might be good if you know the stores he likes.


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            if he likes music, concert tickets always go over well! or take him to dinner, that's a good suggestion. guys can be so difficult! and when my boyfriend and I go to the mall or somewhere shopping, I could go on for hours about all the stuff I want. it's just too easy for him!
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              My husband (boyfriend at the time) really loved the time I bought him all sorts of game meat! Venison, Buffalo, Caribou, Elk .....

              Red meat to men, is probably like chocolate to women!

              Sounds like your boyfriend might like that sort of thing as well!


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                thanks for all the advice ladies!!! why does buying gifts have to be so difficult. iyiyiy i made a comment about buying him a new dvd that's coming out. He said "well that's a crapy gift" I was like what! meanwhile the week before he said he'd be happy with nothing or anything. Figures... and his true colors shine. His wallet is kinda sad lookin. It's got holes in it lol he made a comment a while ago when were in shoprite that he needs a new one and showed me all the holes. Does anyone know a good brand of leather wallets? I think it might be a good idea. and some other little things maybe.


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                  Wilson's Suede and Leather carries good wallets. Not sure if they're still in business everywhere, as I do believe the one near me closed down a couple of years ago. I also have 2 leathers jackets that I've had for over 20 yrs that were bought from there--they still look like new.

                  Good luck with whatever you decide to buy.
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