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  • How to get the spark back

    This June my husband and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary. The sad thing is there's no spark (at least not for me). It's all thanks to the ic, ibs c, and cysts. We hardly ever have sex anymore and I know it's taking a strain on our marriage. I do love him but I don't get that feeling of I have to be with him anymore. We fight a lot. He complains that we don't have enough sex. But it hurts. I can't go to the doctor cause we lost our Medicaid (it's messed up here in ga most people are going through the same issue). I want to have that spark back but everything I've read says to have sex. Or do something that requires a babysitter for my 3 year old. I can't get one cause my moms never here since she's a truck driver. My dad lives in Illinois with stage 4 colon cancer. So whatever we were to do we'd have to take her. Has anyone gone through this problem? Any advice? I wish we could go back to how we used to be when I rushed home just to kiss him. Now it seems like I'm trying to kick him out off the house more than I'm telling him that I love him.

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    Re: How to get the spark back

    I think it would be a good idea to talk with a counselor. If your husband won't go with you, please go alone. There are some agencies that have either no charge or very little charge. Also, I suggest you check to see if there's a clinic in your area where you can get medical help if you don't have any insurance. I know there are at least two in my area in Oregon.

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