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Is sex ever not painful?

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  • Is sex ever not painful?

    Hi Everyone,
    Im in the middle of a two month flare after a remission of 9 years.
    While I am managing to live my life day to day without any meds there is a MAJOR worry for me.
    Currently my boyfriend lives in another country and is coming to visit me in 3 days. I am beyond excited to see him as I miss him terribly but I am SO worried that sex is going to be painful.

    My question is.....does anyone here with IC ever have sex that is NOT painful or sends them into a flare???

    My IC would I think be considered mild-moderate. I have some mild urethral burning and I usually feel like I could use the washroom about every 2 hours but generally dont need to until about 4 hours.

    Im beyond scared that intercourse will hurt based on everything I hear.......please, someone tell me they have a normal sex life!


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    Re: Is sex ever not painful?

    Actually during all 4 years with IC it has never been painful for me. I get urgency and frequency up same day, but actually next day I am much better because it helps to relax my too tight pelvic floor muscles. But I always use natural lubricant, enough, coconut oil is the best, and lately I use latex-free condoms, though this is maybe not so big difference. With Durex I actually burned a lot, and without lubricant it is not possible, while my estrogen levels are very low and my vagina is extremely dry, it was most likely the cause of my IC. With estradiol vaginal cream it has turned much better lately.


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      Re: Is sex ever not painful?

      Thank you so much.... It gives me hope


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        Re: Is sex ever not painful?

        Hi Ktown,

        Have you found our Romancy and Intimacy Center yet? I think you'll find a LOT of helpful suggestions!

        My priority would be

        #1 - follow the diet before he gets here just to keep your bladder chill
        #2 - Make taking a shower a part of foreplay thus reducing the risk of infection.
        #3 - Use plenty of lube to reduce friction and any possible skin irritation ( I like KY)
        #4 - Empty your bladder fairly quickly after you have sex to again reduce any potential bacterial issues. Bacteria often get pushed into the urethra during sex so peeing washes them out.
        #5 - Day after.... think muscle relaxation. Use a heating pad, take a long hot shower that morning... and just try to keep your muscles relaxed. It's important to know that women normally have about 24 hours of gentle muscle spasms to help sperm and egg meet. That's why we sometimes flare after calming those spasms using muscle relaxation tips can help tremendously.

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