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Does intimacy always equal pain?

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  • ICNDonna
    It's possible to have a satisfactory relationship in spite of having IC. It will take open communication, considering different positions and experimenting. The good thing is that a relationship can become even closer. There are times when a flare makes intercourse impossible, but there can still be closeness. Jen's hints are the most valuable advice I can think of.


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  • ICGamer
    started a topic Does intimacy always equal pain?

    Does intimacy always equal pain?

    I wanted to ask a question, as I am digging through the forum it seems any type of sexual activity can cause a flair up which is super frustrating. I have read the pelvic floor muscles are partially to blame from tightening, but is the general consensus if you have intimacy, you will be paying for it for a day or two with pain and frequency? also, I read the post about Jen's tips, however, has anyone found anything else unlisted that has helped to not cause pain afterwards.