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  • Ortho-Evra

    I just wanted to know if anyone else here is on the birth control patch orto-evra. i have been on it for 2 or 3 months now. im not sure if maybe this is making me flare or not. oh yeah and i should add that i do not have any pain associated with my ic, i just have major frequency and urgency.

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    Hi there,

    I was on ortho-evra for a year, and it was awful. It made my pain so much more worse. But for others, birth control helps with symptoms. I guess it just depends on the person. It seemed to up my frequency and pain, but who knows. I hope someone who has been helped by it will chime in.

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      I've been on Evra for 2 yrs. and at first it made me so much better in so many ways, including with bladder symptoms, for about 5 months. Then I had a nasty bladder flare and I wasn't so sure if the patch was helping or not. Now, after 2 yrs., I do think that overall it helps me. My bladder feels absolutely awful when I go off the patch to have a period, and feels improved within 24 hrs. of putting a new patch on. I have also done something fairly unusual; I felt that being on a whole patch may have worsened bladder pain, so an ob-gyn told me to try cutting off 1/4 of the patch, which I did, and it seems to be the best dose for me, all things considered. This may not guarantee birth control, but she said it's better than nothing, more like a mini-pill, and since I'm 48, I'm probably okay. I hope that helped you and didn't confuse you even more!


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        I took them 3 months and month 3 I got pregnant on them. I am not a fan anymore


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          You were on ortho-evra when you got pregnant!? Ahh this scares me.


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            I am on Ortho-Evra, my Dr put me on it because I was having extra periods due to stress.

            I am not certain if it making my flares worse, I was on Ortho-Evra before I was diagnosed with IC.


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              OK, the pregnant thing is worrisome to me as well!

              Anyway, I've been on Ortho Evra for a year. THe first three months were horrible with cramping all the time. But now it's much better. I was having pretty bad cramps each month, but those have even gotten better. Sometimes I take Aleve to help with cramps. That doesn't seem to bother my bladder.

              I just went to the gyno yesterday and we discussed leaving me on the patch. She mentioned that she liked it for me since I'm on quite a few other meds for my bladder. Being on the patch gives my liver a break is what she said. I guess that's an added benefit.
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                I've been on Ortho Evra since...uhh...well actually since I started flaring and before I was diagnosed. Interesting.


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                  I was on it from Jan to March. It was the worst thing I have ever done. I was in extreme bladder pain, pelvic pain,back pain and had hot flash s. I went on it thinking it would be easier than taking the pill. No worries just take the patch off once a week for 3 wks then off for a week. When I would get my period I was miserable so I would put it back on. So it was back and forth on and off hot flashes and pain. My hormones were completely off balance. Turns out the patch is straight hormones. Not like birth control pills. So I have a rx for seasonale when I'm ready just four periods a year.


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                    Re: Ortho-Evra

                    I am on week 2 of ortho evra & have had horrid flairs. I am trying to decide if I should stick with it or not.