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    I SO Understand! I underwent a cystoscopy with no anesthisia in January of 2005. It was HORRIBLE. It is the main reason I will never do instills. When I hear my doctor say strip from the waist down I just want to scream. I don't want to be touched.


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      I guess oral sex is okay, since intercourse is nearly out of the question for us.


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        Are all the replys from women who are heterosexual or are is anyone gay?

        I find it hard to get advice from any of my medics as most of them either do not acknowledge that female same sex couples actually do have sex, that not all same sex couples use sex toys. I have been with my partner for almost ten years and we have had a very active sex life dependent on my symptoms. I do ISC a minimum of 20 times a day, have end stage disease, and have had multiple surgeries.At the moment the skin around my perinium and urethra as broken down and is swollen an inflammed making it excrutiating to sit down let alone do anything sexually. I don't know whether all people with this condition experience the same thing about not getting advice/acknowledgement or whether it is an English thing (I live in the UK)

        Oral sex is great, regarding concern about bacterial infections, I am neutrapenic (low white cell count) therefore am more prone to infection than most,thus far this has not really been a problem for me providing I empty my bladder before and after and my white cell count is above 1 . Regarding thrush, try natural yogurt and experiment whilst having oral sex.

        If anyone has any advice to access information for gay women I would be grateful