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Beware of Yasmin!

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    OMG I wish I found this post sooner. I just discovered on my own today that the drsp in Yasmin might be causing my flare ups. I never ever had flares until I began birth control, just your basic overactive bladder and it occurred to me last night that MAYBE my birth control was the cause. I think everyone should know about this! I can't believe my dr. didn't warn me!
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    Altough I have had IC symptoms in the past my main issue is urinary retention - I am DESPERATE for an answer. I have to self-cath every time I go to the bathroom and have been since 2000. I feel helpless. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Interstim Trial on 12/21/07 - Didn't work so no InterStim for me


    Worked - Ditropan 15mg (and helps you sleep!) Off it now though

    Didn't Work - Vesicare, Enablex, Detrol

    Macrobid 50mg/day for to ward off infections
    Self-Cath (can't go on my own!) for retention
    Birth Control - Nothing- Quit Yasmin (It's a Diuretic!)


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      I took Yasmine for a short while prior to developing IC. It was pretty far before thuogh so I am not sure that there was a link (at least in my case). That's interesting though.

      Medical "Issues":
      Tachycardia(resting rate is 125-130 )
      Tramadol-as needed (IC)-50mg
      Elmiron 200mg twice a day
      Levsin .125mg 1-2 pills 4 times a day


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        yasmin bad not only for IC

        well i must tell all of you to beware of yasmin not only for your urinary problems- i have IC now for 2 1/2 years (lucky me) i was taking yasmin last year hoping a cist on my overy was causing my urinary pain, of course not- it was IC, but i continued taking the birth controll because i was still sexually active at the time- well im not anymore do to a strange discharge i was having last april, it had no smell or itch, just abundance and it was driving me nuts! i kept going back to planned parenthood (you cant find insur. under 400 a month with a pre-existing condition like IC) they kept guessing what it was and kept treating me with antibiotics, first metronidazole, the fuconazole n clindese cream, more fluconazole, sitz baths, the doxycycline then gynazole all within like a months span- shortly after i started experiencing what we vulvadynia suffers call the "ring of fire" and could no longer take the pain of intercourse-shortly after i quit the yasmin after a month or two the symptoms of discharge went away (which i know came from the yasmin) but due to the damage done with the overuse of antibiotics (believed to be a big factor in vulvadynia, also being a "white" woman) still to this day i have not been able to engage in intercourse with my boyfriend of 5 years, i have pain just walking, sitting, wearing clothes- my life has been stripped of me along with my womanhood and happiness. i have really suffered with serious feelings of depression and thoughts of suicide (which i have not acted upon...) i think these doctors n pharmacuetical companies need to research these drugs a bit longer before releasing them to us, along with the effects of antibiotics causing auto-immune deseases (which i associate a bad bladder infection, cipro and septra causing my IC), so anyways i dont even worry about the bladder pain associated with sex cause i just dont have sex at all anymore! I am 22 years old and hate my life. ohhh one more thing- the amitriptaline i am on for the vulvadynia (which doesnt really help,not to mention the 25 lbs i gained to add to my depression) causes hideous urinary retention, so just when you think you can put your bladder on the back burner for one second and try to combat another prob.- Watch out! some of the meds make it worse! and no one can help me, ive been fighting all alone (except for my b.f. who has been very supportive my condition(s) and our very changed sex life) and sometimes i really feel like giving up.


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          I started Yasmin in September 2006, and developed my first symptoms of IC (a UTI which culture came back negative) in October. Following that, I got another UTI in January 2007, where the cultures came back negative, and I was treated with antibiotics, antifungals, etc. All of this started after taking Yasmin. My doctor, who has been really helpful and understanding, mentioned to ME at my last appointment the connection between the timeline of all of this happening, and the taking of Yasmin. Can there be a connection? I cant say yes for sure, but my doc is taking me off Yasmin for a few months to see if my symptoms improve. If so, I will be so grateful. As of right now, i only have urethral burning, which can be insanely intense, and some urgency issues. I am hoping this helps, but not keeping all of my faith in it... But I am amazed at the amount of women wondering if there is a Yasmin connection. That says something to me, anyway!

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            Yasmin - Didn't Bother Me

            I think IC is different experience for everyone. With that said, I took Yasmin for several years and had no problems at all with it flaring my IC symptoms. It was helpful in lessening the PMS type problems which made my IC symptoms worse. I couldn't tell I was taking it.

            I am sorry some of us are having problems with it -- no fun! The side effects you are having are terrible! But it might be helpful for others with IC trying to control or lessen problems with menstruation.



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              IC dx after Yaz

              My night sweats and IC symptoms started after being on Yaz. I stopped and my symptoms improved. My doctor also did not relate the two. Unfortunately the IC is still with me. I am now on Levlite (Lessina) but am unsure if it is the right one for IC.

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                Yasmin and possible hysterectomy

                I have been on Yasmin now for 3 months and the last month I have been horribly depressed (my boyfriend agrees) with a dose of anxiety. In the last two weeks I am having vaginal itching (all the tests come back negative), heart palpitations, and major hot flashes. The other pills I have tried in the past make me really depressed and gain 70 lbs. I am unsure if it has any affect on my IC or not. Without the pill my periods are horrible...they come every 20 days and last from 5-7 with lots of pain and bleeding (along with IC pain). Don't even get me started on how bad the PMS is. I am actually considering a hysterectomy. I used to be this perky happy go lucky person and now not so much between the IC and the Yasmin. I was even a gym rat and now I can't even convince myself to go once a week.

                Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

                Current Meds
                Elmiron 2 times a day
                Heparin, Lido, sodium into bladder 3 times a week

                Old meds
                Too many to list


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                  Re: Beware of Yasmin!

                  Thank GOD for this thread. I changed from my pill Yasmin two months ago after being told by my doctor it was one of the pills with the least side effects. Now I feel so stupid for trusting that Yasmin wasn't causing my pelvic pain and cystitis symptoms, which have flared up badly in, the last two months! Of course...

                  I should have realized when my bladder felt a lot better in the week off my pill. I feel stupid for not suspecting the Yasmin sooner.

                  I've stopped! I'll update if my symptoms improve.


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                    Re: Beware of Yasmin!

                    Actually, I was taking Spironolactone (which is a stronger more pure version of the Progesterone which is in Yasmin which causes the diuretic effects and potassium effects) for a few months before my bladder problems which had been in remission for 7 years (!) came back ! Actually I was OFF the spiro one week when they returned with a UTI I got. I had to stop taking the Spiro due to taking antibiotics for a throat infection which did not mix well with the spiro. I then got a UTI and all this started again!

                    This is an interesting thread x
                    27 y.o mother of 2 in the UK.

                    Bladder problems since the age of 17. Recurrent UTI (thankfully none since the Dec 2012 UTI which triggered these symptoms off) and my GP strongly suspects IC, had ultrasound and awaiting diagnosis via cystoscopy and hydrodistention.

                    Symptoms are - painful bladder, frequency and urgency, bladder spasms, urethra pain "twinges", pelvic pain, pressure feeling in bladder.

                    Tried - Ditropan (did nothing but no side effects either - took for 4 months), Vesicare (didn't work - caused retention) Magnesium and Calcium (did nothing - took for 1 month).

                    Currently trying - Probiotics, PH balance, Cod Liver Oil and, D-Mannose before and after intercourse, ****** ********* method for reducing risk of UTI, Contraceptive Pill for my PCOS and cycle control. I mainly follow the IC diet and also elimination diet.


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                      Re: Beware of Yasmin!

                      A little update on my Yasmin withdrawal. I've been off this pill for four days and feel much better for it. I've felt more energetic and optimistic, I've slept well, I've had less frequency and been in a lot less discomfort. My pelvis/bladder is still feeling tender, but those tense feelings of irritation and inflammation have been absent. Also I'd recently been suffering with dry blotchy skin that has also rapidly cleared up since I got off Yasmin. It's hard to imagine these symptoms weren't triggered by this pill. This gives me hope my symptoms were only temporary. Now I will just have to hope that Yasmin hasn't done permanent damage to my bladder.

                      I've dipped a little this afternoon with fatigue and pelvic aches but this may just be my PMS as I'm due on my period in the next few days anyway. I guess the real test will be how I feel post-period.


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                        Re: Beware of Yasmin!

                        Originally posted by meg31 View Post
                        Did anyone else find that they developed IC symptoms after taking Yasmin? I thought this was a coincidence but have been doing some research lately and ultimately decided that Yasmin may have caused most (if not all) of my problems leading to my IC diagnosis.

                        I stopped taking Yasmin last May because I was having anxiety attacks, insomnia, night sweats, pelvic pain, and frequent urination. I felt a little better for a few months after stopping but never really recovered from the bladder problems. I now have to take medication for anxiety and still have trouble sleeping (never had these problems before Yasmin).

                        Now I have discovered that Yasmin contains drsp, a synthetic progesterone that is a diuretic and has been shown to increase potassium. I know it has been speculated that IC is a result of an allergic reaction to progesterone. Also, diuretics and postassium are murder on the IC bladder. Is this just a coincidence? Am I just trying to place blame somewhere?

                        If anyone developed IC symptoms after taking Yasmin, please let me know!

                        Thanks so much!

                        I stopped taking Yasmin a couple years ago and started taking sprintec. I have in the last year developed ic problems and a few months ago was diagnose with it. After doing research I have found that a lot of women who used to take Yasmin now have ic.