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My first time having sex in a long time

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  • My first time having sex in a long time

    So last night was the first time me and my husband made love in a long time. And I was VERY scared and nervous because I DIDNT want it to hurt. Well, I told him at first that I might not be able to,well the first time he inserted I started crying REALLY bad, for like minutes because it hurt so bad. But I also think it might have also been emotions, but I also know it hurt really bad. And so my husband said "we dont have to go on, if you hurt so bad", and I will be here for you while we take baby steps forward. That was so sweet. But I said lets try again, because I missed being with him so bad, and so he tried again with more lubrication and we made it but not without pain, and once we got going it was nice. yes it still hurt a little but it was a little sucess. I am so proud of myself. Granted I did take a bath afterwards, and soothed my body, and I did have a little pain today but its a start

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    Congratulations!! I know how frustrating it can be when you can't be intimate b/c it hurts. Good Luck!!!


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      Sweet, Reminds me of the song It's Hust's so Good!
      Hugs Sandra
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        I got some significant tailbone pain after my interstim surgery.

        Glad that you were able to have that experience. Sometimes intercourse just really makes you feel close to your partner.


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            My hubby and I did it last night, too. I think we did it really good:woohoo: :woohoo: I am pretty much pain-free today I followed all the tips from my PT and great sex tips from Jill. I even let my hubby try helping my PFD exercised that I had to do. It was scary at first, but after that, it wasn't that bad. But most importantly, I felt much closer to my hubby.

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              Congratulations....That is wonderful :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
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