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Anyone else get crazy swollen labia?

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  • Anyone else get crazy swollen labia?

    So this is quite TMI, but I really am interested to see if others have been experiencing the same problem as me. Ok, so I have vulvodynia, which I think is referred pain from my bladder because I feel all my flares in my vagina. I have much less frequent sex with the bf due to the increase in burning and pain down there afterwards. However, I've also had a comeback of a strange symptom I used to get in college every once in a while. During and after sex, my inner labia will swell up to nearly 5 times their normal size (not kidding!). They stay this swollen for several hours afterwards, even if I rinse with cool water and sit on an ice pack (which does help a bit). The weird thing is, I'm totally lubricated and everything down there, and this used to happen to me back in college way before the vulvodynia or IC. Back then, sex was totally painless, even when I would get the swelling. The labia feel very tender afterwards though, then and now. I used to think it was maybe because my bf at the time was rather well endowed, and that I didn't have ample enough lubrication. But the current bf is average (dear god I hope he doesn't read this) and is very considerate in the foreplay department. I wonder if perhaps I am allergic to semen or something? Is it maybe just a 'side effect' of having sex with vulvodynia (although the fact that I had this in college seems to rule that out)? Maybe I just have a super sensitive vaginal opening from the IC and the friction of sex irritates the labia more now? WTH? The other kind of depressing thing is that even on days when my pain level is very low (like a 1 out of 10), and I feel up to having sex - it will STILL hurt.

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    Once in awhile that will happen to me, i think its IC related. And even if i dont feel that bad and i have sex it still hurts, it always hurts. Its hurting my relationship. we are way too young for this nonsense. feel better!

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      A great article to read is called "Sex, Lies & Dyspar . . . Who?" you can find it at It is written by a fabulous physical therapist; there are other very helpful articles that you may find helpful (they may be in the archived section).

      I suggest that you consult with your healthcare provider if you believe that the information above may be helpful; your healthcare provider will determine the appropriate treatment regimen for you.

      Only your healthcare provider can determine if the above suggestions are appropriate treatment options for you; these are just some suggestions that you can discuss with him/her.

      The contents in this post are provided for informational purposes only. The contents are not intended in any way to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your medical condition.

      Best wishes to you both, ICB


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        Great question. Do I think it's related to IC. Nooo... it sounds more like you're having some sort of temporary edema or blood pooling in those tissues after sex??? I've had mine swell a time or two... maybe to three times the size... but never for long periods of time. I remember seeing, in some medical text book though, some amazing pictures of swelling.

        I think this is the perfect topic for your doc!! I'd really love to hear his or her opinion on what could be making this happen.

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          I go back to my doc on Tuesday, and I will definitely bring this up to him. I asked my roommate if she's ever experienced major swelling, and she said she did last year and went to her gyno about it. He told her it may have been an allergic reaction to any soap or detergent/fabric softener traces either on her underwear or on her boyfriend. I'm not convinced that is the case for me, because it has only recently started happening again and neither me or my bf have changed any of the brands we use. It is very frustrating though - just ANOTHER thing that makes sex less fun than it use to be. I'm temporarily going on sex hiatus for awhile.


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            Hi, S. --how did the temporary sex ban work out?
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              Originally posted by icnmgrjill
              I've had mine swell a time or two... maybe to three times the size... but never for long periods of time. Jill
              I have always had some swelling after sex, but it goes away comletely in about an hour or so. One doc's diagnosis was allergy to semen (don't know if my husband's or in general because I don't have experience with "in general." I have read that it happens - but I have no way of knowing what the cause of my swelling is. The reason he suggested it was because if I used a condom I didn't have the swelling.



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                This is a very old thread.

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