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Pelvic Floor Disorder?

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    sometimes i wonder if if have PFD more than IC. i have no frequency, diet really doesnt affect me (i can drink coffee and not feel any different).

    I feel the most pain when my bladder is full, and the pain feels like its at the bottom of the bladder, right at the bladder neck. LIke a bearing down burning pressure. i dont have retention, and i have a full stream, but the pee "hesitates" at first. like, i sit down, try to pee, and it feels like my bladder neck starts painfully spasming, and all my muscles suck upward (unintentionally) then within a few seconds, they relax again, and the pee comes out. Then i'm left with a stabby burning urethra that lasts a few minutes to an hour after i pee. Does that sound like PFD?
    i also have sex pain, but that could be because of the bladder being inflamed, i'm not sure.
    diagnosed IC Jan 2007 (though i feel i've had it mildly for years)
    frequent UTIs
    No frequency, just urgency and pain!

    tramadol 50mg twice a day. this stuff works good for nerve pain!!!! (update, i'm down to mostly one pill a day now!)

    Physical Therapy. if you have pelvic nerve pain or muscle pain, its worth a try. it helped me with the constant burning.

    TENS may help a little

    Cystoprotek might be helping as well. i'm getting better as time goes on and this could be why.

    fish oil, herbal teas, skullcap (might try passionflower for nerves) I'm not very diet sensitive.

    Went OFF elavil and nortryptiline (worked wonders, but didnt like the weight gain)