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Sex with IC and Endometriosis

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  • ICNJess
    Hi Hillary,

    I am sorry, I think we all know what you are going through. Maybe when you are able to get your IC under control you can incorporate sex back into your life (slowly). Good luck, and know that you are not alone. (For many months my husband and I could not, and we are newlyweds)

    Hugs and love,

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  • HillaryD
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  • HillaryD
    started a topic Sex with IC and Endometriosis

    Sex with IC and Endometriosis

    I have had Endometriosis for a little over 5 years now, and just recently was diagnosed with IC. I had a laparoscopy(my 2nd) in Oct of 2003, which didn't help much because my same pain continued after the procedure. About 2 months after that I started feeling like I was having UTI's all of the time but my urine was always normal. I was sent to a Urologist and after 3 months of testing I found out that I have IC, which I am now on 3 medicines for. Needless to say, my sex life with my husband is non-existant, and had been that way for months. I couldn't have a more wonderful, understanding husband, but I feel so bad that we can't be intimate, because that is a big part of a marriage. I have felt so bad for so long now that I don't even want to just have foreplay, because I don't want to get him all worked up and not be able to do anything. I know that there are other things I can be doing, but it isn't the same, and I just feel so hopeless. I just want my usual life back! I know everyone here probably feels the same way I do, it just helps to vent and get it out!