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  • Missing out on the fun

    I was just reading through lots of the sex info out there around IC. I haven't had sex at all in going on 2 years no. I have a wonderful partner who is so understanding and loving and willing to do anything to help me. I also have been working with a WONDERFUL therapist around the issue. I'm easing myself back into things slowly. But I still miss it. I had such a wonderful sex life before! I had such a great appetite before. Now I never want sex, or anything close to it. I have to really *work* at it. I feel like I deserve a normal sex life again though on some level. We've gotten great at the foreplay, but I'm terrified that penitration will cause a flare. And lord knows I'm terrified of flares!

    My therapist highly reccomends pelvic floor physical therapy to help me get more comfortable with all of it. I've done some reading on that and figure that it can't hurt anything really, and if it does I'll just talk to the therapist. I've even found someone who I think will be really good and have an appointment later this month.

    I just thought i'd post and see if anyone has good suggestions other than those listed in the handbook for getting back in the saddle. I haven't really had painful intercourse, just the pressure/frequency afterwards and then the flares afterwards.


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    I feel your pain Danielle, literally! Even the thought of sex had become a turnoff because my brain just associated it with pain. But pelvic floor physical therapy worked wonderfully for me; in fact, after almost a year of treatment, I was able to stop for almost two years before I started having significant problems again. Unfortunately during that time we moved, and I haven't been able to find a good therapist here--had to convince my doc to even get referred to a urogynecologist for any sort of treatment. It takes a while to help, it can be very uncomfortable, in any number of ways, but I hope you'll find it worthwhile! So glad you have a supportive, understanding partner--I know mine makes a world of difference. KTDID


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      Hi there....I also have a understanding and patient husband. It is a blessing to have someone who is supportive and caring about my feelings and needs. I miss being with him in regards to sex. I try to keep him satisfied but I miss it too. I just hope there will be a time that we can be like other couples and just be together , spontaneous ...that is the word I was looking for. But I consider my self truly blessed that my husband is also my best friend and he puts my needs before he considers his needs. Tina angel