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  • Please chip in/Birth control ?

    I am getting of the pill. I have been on it for 15+ years. I, however, am NOT ready to get pregnant. Neither my husband nor I are thrilled about having to use condoms, but I don't know about my choices. If any of you use condoms, what kind do you suggest? Do any bother the IC less than others?
    Does anyone use another kind of BC that isn't hormonal? I could really use your input here. Thank you so much!

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    I myself was also on the pill for years.. I went off of them , cause I absolutely hated how they made me feel. Then DH (husband) and I started using condoms, and my IC was horrific...

    They two things we do is

    1. VCF. Vaginal contraceptive Film.. it is tiny . You insert it into your vagina, and it just dissolves in there.. I would probably still have your hubbie pull out though

    2. Pull out.. I know this is bad, but we have done it for years. It beats the condom flare.

    Good luck hun
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      my dr put me on megace, 2 pills a day 40mg to stop my periods because of ic flares from hell.. anywho.. the pharmist said that it is a foarm of b/c it hardens you uteris... ask your gyn also what about the month shot but I understand that can cause a flare to, also an IUD.. just a couple options that poped it to my head
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        Try different positions, and try alternative to vaginal sex. Also, remember condoms are not all made from the same material. If you have a sensitivity to latex, you might try polyurathane or lambskin. Do not use lubricated condoms because you cannot be sure if the lubrication will bother you.

        Amrit Willis recommends Slippery Stuff lubrication as it contains no glycerine which she says is a big no-no. She also talks about alternatives to vaginal sex, which would of course not require the use of birth control.