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    hi all
    I was dxed with pfd, i was told therapy will help that and with painful sex, but sometimes when my husband penatates too deep if feels like hes hitting my bladder. Will therapy help with that?
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    Hmm...I don't know if it will help with that...maybe hubby shouldn't go in all the way, you know what I mean? That might help with that feeling. PFD wise, the big "O" always hurts afterwards, not so much after Interstim got put in, but pfd therapy will help with that.

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      hey brat,
      i was also dx with pfd a year ago. i was referred to a physical therapist that specializes in that and she has worked wonders. she taught my fiance what to do, so now he can do it, and i don't have to make the trips to see her. i would definately recommended seeing if there is a PT in your area that can help, but i would make sure they have experience with pfd as well. good luck! meg


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        I too have PFD and last summer did the PF therapy with biofeedback. They had me insert a tampon looking thing into my vagina and it gave little pulses. At first it made my legs jump a bit but then I got used to it. Eventually I started doing Kegals and it showed on the monitor how strong my contractions were and whether or not I was able to release them. At first I was in constant contractions and unable to control it but then I got better as the muscles became more trained. My therapist sent me home with excercises to do during sex. She told me to have him insert just a little inside me while I did kegels around him. This seemed to help strengthen the muscles even more. I can now have sex without pain as long as I'm not in a flare. Of course I'm in bad shape now so it's been several months since we've been able to have intercourse. My dr. wants me to do the PF therapy again when I get over this flare. He thinks it really played a big role in getting better last summer so hopefully when the pain stops I can get those muscles into shape again.

        Good luck with PF therapy. I went 1x a week for 7 weeks. How often are you doing it?


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          I also had biofeedback and my pelvic floor muscles are flat line.... I have been going now today was my 4th day and she said this is going to take weeks before you see any improvement you are really bad......
          'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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            I hope it works as well for you as it did for me in the past. My dr. was shocked at the remarkable improvement that I had made after my therapy was finished. I will start it again in a month or two when I get over the worst of this flare. My muscels are in constant spasm again and I'm sure they won't look good on the biofeedback screen until I can get them under control again. Good luck! Keep it up. wink



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              PFD therapy can be very effective and may help to relieve your IC symptoms and make sex more pleasurable.

              If you or anyone else would like a PFD Fact Sheet, please email me privately at [email protected].

              Moreover, here are several tips on how to make IC & Intimacy better:

              Water spray and cold compresses help to alleviate the burning and irritation of the vulva.

              Physical Therapy / TENs or Electrical Stimulation Unit - to help relax pelvic floor muscles.

              Taking an anti-inflammatory drug (i.e. Motrin, Advil, etc.) after sexual intercourse may decrease “next-day” pain by reducing inflammation.

              Ask your doctor if you can take 2mg of Valium one hour prior to intercourse. This will help to relax your pelvic floor muscles.

              Constipation may worsen your IC symptoms.

              I suggest that you consult with your healthcare provider if you believe that the information above may be helpful; your healthcare provider will determine the appropriate treatment regimen for you.

              The contents in this post are provided for informational purposes only. The contents are not intended in any way to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your medical condition.

              Best regards,

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                Brat, I'll have to look for Mr. Nomad it sounds like a good idea. My O.T. told me about adding a little alcohol to water and putting it inside a non lubricated condom. It makes it slushy. I could only find lubricated condoms around the house so I've never tried it. So far the foldable icepacks have worked well. I also use a little lidicaine jelly on the vulva area and put some whereever I feel irritaiton. It really seems to cool things down and numb them.