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looking for condoms that do not irritate

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  • looking for condoms that do not irritate

    Although I am currently back in a flare after an uncomfortable nite of attempts, some salsa eating, and an unfavorable instill experience.

    About a month ago I started having pain free intercourse on semi-regular basis (8/10 x so far) . {FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER A DECADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!:woohoo: }

    In case this good fortune befalls us again , hubby and I are looking for condoms that do not irritate. I don't think laytex bothers me, but the preservative methylparaben (found in KY and most other lubes that I can't tolerate as well). Does anyone know if there are methylparaben free comdoms, or condom safe lubes out there without such preservatives?
    This is new territory for us since we never really neded or used birthcontrol before. But since I have to take medications for IC, my husband wants to wait untill I get better before I get pregnant again.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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    Maybe try the lamb skin condoms! And a natural oil.


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      I'm sensitive to latex so can only use lambskin condoms, but they are lubricated. I don't know if they come in a non-lubricated variety, I haven't seen any in the stores, but you might find them online. I'm also sensitive to most lubes, I can only use FemGlide, but I just checked the ingredients, there are only four, and one of them is the methylparaben that you suspect you're sensitive to. Best wishes.
      Hope this flare passes for you soon! I also for the first time in years had pain free sex a few months ago for 4 months in a row it was FUN! Then the flare came
      Hope you get better and the good fortune continues!
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        My suggestion would be Trojan in the red or reddish orange box. i can't remember for sure as I had a hysterectomy about two years ago. Anyhow, they do not have a lubricant or a spermicide. They were the only ones I could tolerate. Best of luck. -Vicki
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          my hubby and I use Trojan's ultra thin latex lubricated condoms. I think it must be a water based lubricant as it says to NOT combine with any oils. I cant find the product info to see if methylparaben is an ingredient used in them, tho... there doesn't seem to be that detailed of info...