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Birth Control Pills and Urgency

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  • Birth Control Pills and Urgency

    I've read all the posts on bc pills but I'm seeing my gyno today and I need some advice on bc pills and urgency. Fortunately, I don't have flares with pain, just urgency. I'm not sure they are tied to my cycle, but I do know that I never had flares until this past year when I began Yasmin.

    I've read on here Ovcon 35 and Loestrin might be better choices for me, but I'm afraid to try anything new. Has anyone had any luck with a birth control pill helping to eliminate urgency flare ups?

    I'm suspecting the diuretic in Yasmin is causing them for me, but it might be the horomones also. I'm tempted to not use any pill.

    Any advice?
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    Altough I have had IC symptoms in the past my main issue is urinary retention - I am DESPERATE for an answer. I have to self-cath every time I go to the bathroom and have been since 2000. I feel helpless. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Interstim Trial on 12/21/07 - Didn't work so no InterStim for me


    Worked - Ditropan 15mg (and helps you sleep!) Off it now though

    Didn't Work - Vesicare, Enablex, Detrol

    Macrobid 50mg/day for to ward off infections
    Self-Cath (can't go on my own!) for retention
    Birth Control - Nothing- Quit Yasmin (It's a Diuretic!)