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lubricants and irritation

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  • lubricants and irritation

    I find that it helps to use a lube when attempting intercourse. However, I also get frequent vaginal yeast infections. I read an article, in Cosmo of all places, that says lubes with glycerin can cause yeast infections because of the sugar in the glycerin. This makes sense to me because I kept telling my doctor that I get them after sex, but my partner doesn't have yeast infections. He said it was coincidence, but the lube thing makes sense to me. Has anyone else encountered this? Do you know of a place to purchase glycerin free lube? Every product I have looked at contains glycerin.

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    i was hooked on the personal aloe gel from desert harvest, but switch to msm gel from jacob labs and love it even more. hopefully other here will chime in. let us know what you find and how you like it good luck!!!
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      I also have problems w/ yeast and just general irritation from lubes...I now use FemGlide...I can't find it anywhere in stores, but if you google FemGlide you will easily find an online reputable pharmacy that sells it. It is glycerin free and available in BIG pump bottles for a good price. Shipppng usually free if you purchase it in the big bottle. Hope this helps. best wishes,Bri


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        Thanks for the info. Have a Happy Thanksgiving