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    I am getting back into dating, sex causes major pain, frquency as well as constant urethral burning after sex for a few days.......

    any tips? tips that will make me appear and seem normal? i dont necessarily plan on mentioning my IC, i will if i feel comforable...

    also best condoms to use???

    tips for after sex?
    my name is Katie, 22 yr old mother & nursing student. I want to be a writer and midwife.

    I have severe IC w/ hunner ulcers and urethritis with lesions ENDO, chronic pelvic pain, PFD adhesions, scoliosis, arthritis,migraines,asthma chronic pain.

    Mother to a beautiful little girl. She has my heart and she's everything to me. Thinking positive and consciously untensing tense muscles helps a ton!!!! physical therapy also helps a lot.