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Repeated UTIs and Latex Allergy

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  • Repeated UTIs and Latex Allergy

    Hi Everyone,

    I recently went to my allergist because I suspected I was allergic to Latex- sure enough - I AM!

    Everytime I had sex we used a latex condom and sure enough I would begin to have the signs of a UTI coming on.

    If there is anyone on this board who has had recurrent UTI's, I would suggest seeing an allergist to be checked for a latex allergy... it has truly given me a peace of mind (I feel a little less crazy!)

    I haven't had sex in many months.. I am just so scared of getting a UTI - is there anyone out there who uses non-latex condoms? Do lubricants have latex in them?

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated - the thought of another UTI makes me shudder!

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    Latex-free condoms come in two types. The synthetic ones were usually made out of polyurethane, although there are other materials available now should you dislike that. A lot of people find that they transfer body heat better and they tend to be thinner than latex condoms. The most popular ones I've heard people mention are Trojan Supra and Durex Avanti. There are also lambskin ones, but, unlike the synthetic ones, those are not effective against STIs, so they can be used only for pregnancy prevention. Because latex-free condoms can be more expensive than latex condoms, I suggest ordering online as some sites give you discounts for ordering larger quantities.

    Lube should not have latex in it. Do not use any lube with spermicide in it, as that frequently causes irritation - anectodally, people say it causes UTIs and I'm in that camp - and provides little, if any, additional protection against pregnancy. I prefer glycerin-free (if you are not prone to yeast infections, this you should be okay with glycerin), water-based lube (brands to look into: Sliquid, Slippery Stuff, O'My) but silicone lasts longer (Pjur and Liquid Silk are popular ones).
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      I cannot tolerate latex either. Even the bandaides make me get a welt. Just a note of advice. If you even go to the hospital make sure you write a HUGE sign saying you are allergic to latex. They are so stupid at hospitals! When I went to have my cysto and biopsies done, I told the nurse I was allergic to latex( 3 times). They even wrote it on my chart. But sure enough every single person that came in to look at me put on latex gloves. Thank God my husband was there to keep reminding them. I luckily do not yet have a severe reaction, but some poeple do. Some go into anaphlaxis shock just being touched with latex. Anyhow, just wanted to give you that advice. I mean It happens everywhere I go( doctors offices). They never read my chart. The only place I went that actually read my chart was my dentist. Unbelieveable. This is why there are so many dead people lying in the cemetaries. These doctors and nurses just do not take the time out to read the charts. It is sad.