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aloe vera and burning after sex

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  • aloe vera and burning after sex

    Having had bad experience with dr's and medications I have decided to go all natural. I was reading about the benefits of Aloe vera-soothing for sunburns, antibiotic properties, etc. I had cut a piece off of a plant and was trying to figure out how to get the juice out so I could drink it when I had a brainstorm! When you get a sunburn you apply it topically, not by mouth, so why not try it?

    I cut off a long piece, trim off the spiky edges, cut the skin off the flat side and insert it into my vagina with the gooey side towards the belly button. I leave it in for thirty minutes and then throw it away. I do this as soon as possible after sex and then usually the next day. If I am feeling a lot of burning I do this AM and PM. This has revitilized my sex life. My husband and I traveled to Mexico for a vacation and I was able to find aloe vera everywhere. We had a great time and I did not have to take the dreaded antibiotics. I hope this helps. Tia

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    i never heard of putting aloe vera in the vagina, anyway, i'm taking pure natural aloe vera coral capsules it's helping my ic.
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