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Bladder Pressure after Intimacy

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  • Bladder Pressure after Intimacy

    Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to get some feedback about an issue I'm having..

    My boyfriend and I haven't been able to be intimate in years. While on vacation, he was able to go inside me and now I'm having intense bladder pressure.

    I typically don't have bladder pressure as an everyday symptom. Does any one else experience this after intimacy? I used an at home urine test to see if I have a UTI and I'm clear.

    Also, can anyone offer any advice on how to make this feeling go away?

    Thanks everyone

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    Hello! I have the same issue. Bladder pain after never fails. I have yet to find anything that really worked for me. I try extra hard for 1-3 days after intercourse to drink a lot of water (I'm not a good water drinker to begin with) to help flush out anything that could be irritating my bladder or urethra. As soon as I get home from work, I slip into my yoga pants or put on a t-shirt without underwear. If you find anything that helps you, please pass it along. I'm sure I'm not the only on
    IC symptoms began: February 2004
    IC diagnosed: November 2009

    Previous treatments:
    Cystoscopy w/ Bladder Distension - 2009
    DMSO installations
    Cystoscopy w/ Bladder Distension - 2013
    Valtrex - 1000mg daily

    Current Treatments:
    Elavil - 25mg daily: Started October 2013
    Atarax - 25mg daily: Started October 2013
    Elmiron - 100mg 3x day: Started April 2013
    Marshmallow root tea: as needed
    Uribel: as needed