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erectile dysfunction anybody??

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  • statesboro
    Re: erectile dysfunction anybody??

    I decided I would reply now. I am a dude as well. I don't have erectile dysfunction at all. It is the first time that I have been aware a 33 year old has had to use Viagra. OK. I won't state I am a virgin, but it has been however long ago since I even had a date at all. I am 49 and live upstairs alone. Oh! It is not bothering me that I am not getting any all too much. I have had 2 neck surgeries and 1 back surgery by now. I don't feel good on many occasions to begin with. I used to get turned on more easily. I am a Navy war veteran, but I don't even get horny as much any longer. My energy level sucks sometimes, too. Oh! I am not sure what kind of response you were expecting. Regardless, I was surprised at your post. Of course, I just noticed you had not gotten a response so far. oh! I don't know what else to say. That will be all.

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  • PB&J32
    started a topic erectile dysfunction anybody??

    erectile dysfunction anybody??

    Anybody have ED along with their condition?? Sometimes it works great and other times, it's like its completely impotent even on occasion when I've used Viagra and it hasn't worked......there isn't anything much worse than being 33 and only getting it 2 times a month as it is but one time doesn't discouraging and depressing.