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IC and sex complications...

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  • IC and sex complications...

    I don't really know how to start this topic but here goes. I'm 23 years old and 2 years ago was diagnosed with IC. My issue is urine frequency. I can't have long sex without feeling like "I need to pee". It really ruins my confidence. I don't know how to have long sex or even sex to be honest because as soon as we start I get that urge.... Can anyone relate? I need advice how do you do it???

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    Re: IC and sex complications...

    This is not one of my IC symptoms.Until someone offers suggestions,I can recommend theIC forum subheading regarding sex/intimacy-not sure what the actual heading is,but it is here for you.


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      Re: IC and sex complications...

      Hi Danza! OK... so usually discomfort with sex is associated with the pelvic floor muscles rather than the bladder wall.

      #1 - First watch this video:

      #2 - Read our section on sex and intimacy

      #3 - If you flare the day after sex, that's definitely muscular and many patients use something like a vaginal valium suppository to calm those spasms! Sex is absolutely possible... but the odds are you've got pretty tight muscles which make it difficult. Check out our information on pelvic floor dysfunction -

      #4 - There is an excellent book called "Secret Suffering"... that has a ton of tips to help you find comfort with sex again.

      #5 - And last but not least... you can't expect your partner to figure out how to make it not hurt. You've got to figure it out first... and, well to be blunt, I think that gentle masturbation is really really important so that you can first discover what feels good vs. not feel good. It's about rebuilding trust in your body... and being comfortable with movements, methods, etc. etc first so that you can clearly tell your partner what will work or not work!

      Just my two cents! You are absolutely not alone my friend!

      Jill O
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