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    Hi all. I bought that newly diagnosed kit a bit ago, and it came with an Elmiron video. My family sat down and watched it, and for the first time I felt like they understood IC. My mom watched it twice, and she even reads the cookbook sometimes as well as passages from a couple of the books the kit came with. My dad is one of those guys that thinks that you can cure yourself, mind over matter. But after watching it, he did read some articles about IC and now he realizes that this isn't something I made up in my head...he didn't think I did, he just really strongly believes in the power of suggestion. Anyway, since I was diagnosed just recently in Feb, that movie really helped my family to understand what I go through with IC, and now they are more mindful of my feelings and flares. It's so nice to have the support and understanding of family.
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    Hang in there , There is hope.
    There is hope. Prayer works.

    Love, Debbie