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  • Terry in CA
    Hi Michelle...well I know what you mean and can even put a new spin on it. I used to get SO UPSET when everyone kept asking me the same questions over and over again. Feeling better yet? When will you? Are you going to the doctor again? Etc. But you know everyone is gone in my life..I am totally alone...and although I was always so upset by them asking I now miss and grandma especially. So sometime maybe print out a few things from the net on IC..share with the family members and let them know you're sorry for being so blunt but that's just the way it is. Period. There, was that blunt enough? Terry in CA

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  • Michelle in KC
    started a topic no one understands

    no one understands

    This weekend, I went shopping with my Mom and Grandma (mistake #1) and Grandma asked me how I was feeling and so I told her I hurt. (mistake #2) She does not undersand that it is a daily thing and when she asked how long I was going to be "like this" I flat out told her "For the rest of my life"(mistake #3). Was I too blunt? Or did she really not want to know? Should I have just lied and said "Oh, just a few more days"