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Today I asked my husband to divorce me

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    I am a new user and I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know a little of what you are feeling. I am tired of feeling like I am the burden to my husband and even my 4 year old and my 2 year old. I get really tired of hearing "get tough and hang in there" and maybe if you just get up and keep moving the pain will get better. I even get ill at my own mother because she says you have 2 kids to care for you have to keep going and she has no idea what I am feeling physically not to mention emotionally. But I will make you a deal if you pray for me, I will surely pray for you. And by the way, the itch powder is a very good idea. [img]biggrin.gif[/img]


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        This thread is five years old.

        Stay safe

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          HI! WoW I just read this whole post......then read your message, Donna, about it being a 5 yr old post! lol Sure glad I read the whole thing before I posted to it! How did it get rejuvinated?? I hope Teri made it thru the crisis 5 yrs ago and is better now......Roxie

          Double Spinal Cord Stimulator surgery 8/09
          Unsuccessful MiniArc sling surgery 12/07
          Dx'd Hypothyroid
          Dx'd Chronic Axonal Neuropathy & Myopathy
          June 2007
          Dx'd IC May 2006 (after suffering for 25+ yrs!)
          First Cysto 1979
          First Hydro 1981 (Many treatments since then!)
          Collagin"Durasphere" injections for urethra
          Gall bladder surgery Aug. 2004
          Gastric Bypass Dec. 2004
          Dx'd: Barrett's Esphogus July 2004
          Dx'd: Vaginal Atrophy 2005
          Bladder surgery 2000
          Dx'd: IBS 2000
          Hysterectomy (fibroids) 1999
          Laminectomy 1989
          Dx'd: Degerative Disk Disorder 1989

          For IC I use Elmiron, Elavil and Freeze dried Aloe Vera (it works likes Elmiron, but naturally)and Azo as needed. I also take Zegerid, Randitine for Barrett's Esophagus. (which causes me to have constant yeast infections!)I take Cymbalta for Neuopathy/Myopathy pain. I use the Climara patch for menopause symptoms. I'm on a very strict diet because of the IC, IBS and Gastric Bypass. I take Primal Defense Probiotics and whole food Iron.
          I no longer have the awful urethral pain! I've been using MSM gel now for 4 mo. and haven't had a flare up or the urethra's amazing stuff!!:woohoo:


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