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  • they dont understand ic

    My sister and I are close but today she asked me to go to the mall. A miserable experience with IC for sure and she says I never have FUN. How could she even ask? I am really bugged by this, she thinks Im a stick in the mud. Thanks guys, Sandy

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    Hi sandy,
    From what I have dealt with from my family I have come to accept that they will never truly understand what I go through everyday. The best thing you can do is be honest with your sister and tell her that mall walking isn't an easy thing for you. Some of the things she may do with ease, such as riding in the car, walking the mall, or grocery shopping, cause problems for you. Tell her this isn't an easy thing for you to cope with either, you would probably LOVE to be able to go hang out shopping at the mall for the day, but you just can't. Be sure she knows it's not by your CHOICE, it's something your body just won't allow anymore. It's very hard for a "normal" person to be able to understand that the simple things they do everyday are so hard for us. The best advise I can give is to just be honest with her. Hopefully she will begin to understand that it's not your fault.
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      Sandy~have you given your sister info on IC? I have 2 sisters and they use to call once in awhile to see how I was doing. Now they don't even bother calling. I think that they want to stick with people who can help to bring them UP and choose not to be around people who are down......I fake it as much as I can but it doesn't seem to be enough any more [img]frown.gif[/img]

      I would LOVE to do the mall! My daughter took me a few weeks ago and a friend found out where you could get wheelchairs so we parked at that entrance and it actually worked out quite well. It's a very large mall and it was great to beable to see a little bit more of the stores. Too bad that the smaller mall's don't offer the wheelchairs....

      Maybe showing your sister some of the posts here on the ICN would help her to understand that you are NOT a stick in the mudd, you are ill.

      tons and tons of gentle hugs~
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