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Here We go, another Holiday Season to get thru.....

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  • Here We go, another Holiday Season to get thru.....

    Just want to share something that happened to me last year and how I got thru it.....

    I am ALWAYS a early Christmas shopper, mainly because I can't stand crowds and have panic attacks so the shopping was not an issue for me. The wrapping is always the killer but I happen to have a husband who enjoys wrapping plus does a better job than I do. This year one of my friends suggested that I label a bag with each grandchilds name and what I put in that bag after every shopping's amazing how well it's worked! And, here it is, a week before Thanksgiving and I only have about a dozen things to buy and if I get desperately ill like I do most Christmas's hubby will know exactly what goes to who, no questions asked, no forgetting involved.

    Now to the killer......the Holidays with family (sure do wish we had one of those graemlins that threw up) Last Thanksgiving my hubby's sister came in from out of state with one of her adult daughters and son-in-law and there was this HUGE dinner planned at his brothers house about 1 1/2 hours from here. Well, I was a month post-op from my interstim surgery and sicker than I had ever been in my life. The guilty I dealt with was amazing!!!!!!! Then, I decided to treat myself like I would treat my best friend and I wrote down all of the things I would say to her and guess what <img src="graemlins/blink.gif" border="0" alt="[blink]" /> I stayed home! It didn't kill anybody. Thanksgiving went on without me just fine. I was glad cuz hubby got to eat a good meal and visit with his family and I was able to lay in bed in peace and quiet. Since last Thanksgiving I have been able to use this for many other events. I just won't let the guilt make me go to an occasion just because "THEY" say I'm suppose to soon as someone can tell me who "THEY" are, maybe I will beable to change my way of thinking but for now, I'm learning that "THEY" and their thinking have no place or room in my life.

    I am having dinner this year.....the other me would have started cleaning today. You ALWAYS start cleaning a week ahead of time, don't you [img]confused.gif[/img] That's the way my mother taught me!! Well, this year on Thanksgiving morn hubby and I will share the cleaning and there will be NO panic involved. And, no matter what the outcome of the WILL go on without me and that is just so freeing.

    Christmas Eve is hard because we have back to back places to be. Well, each year the time spent at these 2 places gets less and less and it's okay. Christmas Day is a very very long day because we have my husbands kids and parents and it just turns out to be hours long but I have learned that I can go to bed and no one even notices I'm gone.

    These are just some things that help me get thru this very stressful time of the year.....

    Anyone else have some tips to share~
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    I know I shouldn't be this way, but I try to stay as far away from family functions as I can get. It usually ends with someone complaining so is so got this and blah blah blah, there is more drama at my moms house at Christmas than there is on Days of our lives. Then the same thing happens at my hubby's moms house, by the end of the day I"m so stressed out and my bladder feels like it's gonna catch on fire. I am much safer and MUCH more comfortable at home.
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