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    I was just wondering how others children, specifically adult children cope with a "Mom with IC". My grown son breaks my heart because he says. "I'm not there for him" since I've been sick. I do the best I can, and have always put him first, especially since he's my only child. But sometimes I just have to say, "I'm sorry honey I just can't today"..His response is anger and resentment. :-(
    This "child" is now almost 30, a grown man! I think the feeling that I'm not there for him, makes me feel worse then anything. I don't want to let him down but he can't "see" that I'm sick. He says <'when I used to suffer with pain", that I frightened him and it upset him"so he'd leave and not visit until I was ok again..He never came to the hospital whenever I was there to be treated or operated on, It "upset him too much to see me like that" he'd say.
    I feel bad he was upset,But I'm feeling hurt too. I know IC hurts alot of families but I haven't seen too much about childrens reaction to this. My hhusband says our son is just spoiled and selfish..I think the boy in him is just scared..I'd like to hear from others how their kids handle their IC and how they get thru the guilt of letting them down or not being reliable to do what they need us to because we never know when a flair up can occur. Any thoughts would be appreciated, Thanks, sanctuary
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