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Most Couples Say Their Love Is Forever

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  • Most Couples Say Their Love Is Forever

    Hope you all enjoy!

    Top 10 Tips For A Joyful Marriage

    1) Call if you're going to be late.

    2) Disagree without being disagreeable.

    3) The harsher the truth, the gentler you tell it.

    4) Encouragement works. Nagging doesn't.

    5) A good-bye kiss, Don't leave home without it.

    6) You never outgrow your need for hugs.

    7) If you like Italian and your spouse enjoys Mexican, order a taco pizza.

    8) Good listeners make good lovers.

    9) You keep a lifetime commitment by keeping promises day by day.

    10) Warm your feet before you climb into bed.

    Julie Beyer, MA, RDN
    IC Dietitian, Patient Advocate, Speaker, & Author

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    Thanks Julie - I love that! Am going to post this on the fridge with a fun magnet. I've only been married a little over a year, so this is great.

    -Wen. :-)


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      Julie- that is so great. I'm printing it out!