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Talked to my son and SHEESH!!!

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  • Talked to my son and SHEESH!!!

    My son and I are close. He asked me what I was doing and I said that I just finished going to the bathroom. No big deal right? He said, "MOM, there are some things you just don' t talk about in polite conversation. Now this son is someone I am exceptionally close to. We do not speak in formalities. And he considers going to the bathroom, the mention of it shameful. Maybe this is the trouble with why the disease is so under researched, many people associate anything to do with going to the bathroom as something shameful,. You know, pee pee, poo poo etc. His remark really startled me. If the mere mention of going to the bathroom bothered his sensitivities and he felt it was inappropriate, how much more so the rest of the world must feel about us. After all we do not have a respectable disease like cancer or even a broken leg. We have an invisible disabilitiy and may even look ok sometimes to others. I have a good link to a web page on invisible disabilities. is my URL. Go to the health section, click on health advocacy and you will find it. They offer a booklet there which is excellent to help others to understand. Comments anyone?
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    Try not to get too hung up on this- you probably just caught him at a bad moment. We all get annoyed by our parents and sometimes they hardly say anything and it ticks us off anyway. Your son is not the whole world, don't worry about it.That aside, there are plenty of peole who would rather not discuss this stuff. I think the real problems are medical professionals who shudder at words like 'clitoris'.

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      Songbird7, I think you nailed dead on! Our society makes elimination out to be something dirty and shameful. Probably in the hopes of successful toilet training inthe early years.

      True, its a messy subject--BUT EVERYBODY DOES IT! Seeing that you do have a close realtionship with your son....tell him what you just stated here. I think the non IC people in our lives forget this is a Major deal in our lives. Don't be upset, it just sounds like he forgot that when you mention anything bathroom related its not the same as someone who's healthy saying the same thing...I think he'll understand.
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        Remember in the 'olden days' when they weren't even allowed to show a toilet on tv? I'm 49 and remember my mother telling me to 'excuse myself' instead of saying anything about using the bathroom, like who doesn't pee???????? I've had this stinkin' disease all my life so I started with the mixed messages right away....
        Making such a big deal about using the bathroom in school! Geez! That was a complete nightmare
        Maybe that's why while my kids were growing up we pretty much had an open door policy in our house with potty time. I didn't want them to think they had to be ashamed of using the potty
        Too bad that my son at 26 ended up being MR PERFECT and the bathroom is not mentioned any more and when I say I have to go AGAIN, he finds nothing but embarrasment in it.....the kid is just missing out on what is and what isn't important if he's worried about potty usage teri
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