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I Need all 4 letter words JUST to name it.......

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  • christina

    I am so sorry you are going through all of that. I always tell my husband that the worst thing about these illnesses is that you can't do all you WANT to do.

    Prayers and hugs for you,

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  • Lady J
    Wow, That sounds awful Teri. I'm so sorry. HOpe you are able to find some way to spend some time with your dad at least. Poor man!!!

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  • yvette
    Oh Dear! That sounds like such a terribly frustrating situation...I don't know what to say other than i will keep you and your Dad in my thoughts and prayers.
    Big Comforting Hugs,

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  • Mindy
    Oh Teri... (((((Teri)))))

    I am so sorry for what you are going through. Please know that you are in my thoughts. I will say extra prayers for you dear friend.

    Love & gentle hugs,


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  • ICNDonna
    Teri, I'm so very sorry for what you are going through.

    I'm sending an extra prayer your way tonight.


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  • Teri
    started a topic I Need all 4 letter words JUST to name it.......

    I Need all 4 letter words JUST to name it.......

    My Father is sick. Very sick. He had a knee replacement done on Fathers day and by the following week he has a staph infection. He needs to be in the hospital again but the wreched step-mother refuses, and him, being the wimp he is, he signed his power of attorney over to her and she ain't letting go of that! Everything she is doing is against drs orders. She figures that since they made him sick, she can do a better job of making him well because she's been taking care of him for 27 year and blah blab blah blab....another hospital is out of the question because it's just too far to drive and it's hard on her getting there every day. (she's a retired housewife, who I believe is hitting the booze again)
    She refuses to give him the proper amount of oxegyn because she swears he will become addicted to it. The concept of him dying without enough has never ever entered her mind. Yesterday he was ordered to complete bedrest.....complete. When I was in school I learned that complete meant all-everything-not what you pick and choose.
    Well, in her teachings she got 'lerneded' that complete means except peein'&poopin'...Did I miss something in my school????? (I know, I was probably in the potty, peeing
    Many Many years ago, my cousin had an affair with a married man who had 4 children. Well, when I was 16 he left my mother, me, my 2 sisters and brother and married her. She had a plan from day 1 and that plan was his money. She didn't plan on any of this messy stuff, just the money. She will put him in a nursing home once he is 70 and she will be gone....that assuming that he lives till March. The two of them have a 28 years old who is so sick of the b.s. that it has no effect on him at all....he hates his mothers guts and no matter what happens, he's gona be a rich little boy with enough money to move far enough away so no one will ever know his parents were related.
    It matters to me....I don't want him in a home, I don't want him dead. And, I certainly don't want him money....I was soooooooooooooooooo badly to take care of him. I promised him all of my life that when he got old I would love him and take care of least if I could take care of him, there would be a chance of keeping him alive and getting him better cuz I can follow drs orders.....when I can remember them There is no court in the US who is going to give my father to me in my medical health - you should read the book on my mental health-crap!even my SS check comes in my hubby's name cuz they don't think I am responsible enough to handle it. All $598 of it......
    I am so angry that this is happening. I'm so angry that I'm so sick. The only way I've managed to live, or found a way to live in the last 5 years happened 4 years ago when the pain clinic put me on neurontin and methadone.....I sleep way more than I'm awake. But, I'm no longer in pain. I take the methadone every 6 hours....I'm good for 4 of them, then, I can tell by the clock that it time, almost.....The fibro has has me paralized, except for the side the costo has got....sure, I could take care of him.....

    I have done a really good job of ignoring all of this for these months because stress=flare, whether it be IC, fibro, costo, or tmj.

    The start of this "Talking wih family" is what I was trying to do when I went into a tail spin tonight....NO ONE WILL HELP ME. EVERYONE WILL *****. EVERYONE WILL COMPLAIN ABOUT WHAT"S HAPPENING AND THAT SHE IS THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR LETTING IT HAPPEN BUT NO ONE WILL HELP ME TALK TO THE DR....I'm totally alone in this, and if you multiply me times 100 I might have enough physical strength to get the ball rolling. I have definately felt helpless in the last 15 years with IC, but not near as helpless as I'm feeling right now teri