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Medicines interfere with weight loss

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  • Medicines interfere with weight loss

    I know since I started taking various medicines that I have not only had difficulty in losing weight, but put some on. My stepmom brings this up, how I should lose weight. I think she sees the IC belly too and just doesn't get it. She goes on about "certain things I must do" etc. planned methods of losing weight. Did I ask her? I am sensitive about my 24 lbs overweight. Anyone have ideas what to say to her? She has a double standard and never gives my sons unwanted advice because she doesn't want to *interfere* but me, I guess, she figures is fair game for her unwanted advice. I know I am overweight and don't need to be prodded. Anyone else with this problem of *well meaning relatives?*
    I also am in menopayuse and everyone I know at this stage almost 59 years old has put on some weight anyway.
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    About 9 years ago, I was struggling with my other disease( crohn's). I was taking the steroid prednisone. Prednisone can cause huge weight gain and moonface(hugh chubby cheeks). I tried to explain to my mother how hard it was living with such a painfull, incurable disease. Her only comment was that I should lose weight! Her concerns were not for my pain, but only about my looks. We attended a birthday party for my grandmother's 90th birthday. She apologized to my relatives about my weight and face! I was humiliated. She couldn't see pain, only body changes. This was my mother, how could she of all people treat me this way? That's the problem with diseases that cause terrible pain, people only believe what they can see.


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      Boy, can I relate to relatives' comments about weight! My grandmother used to defend me by saying I was "pleasingly plump!" How I always hated to hear that.

      It took me many years to learn to place a value on myself based on those things that are important to ME --- not somebody else's view from the outside. I once asked a relative if she knew how much it hurt when she criticized my appearance --- she had never thought of it that way --- she actually thought her opinions were helpful.

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        Ugh! How annoying for her to do that when you're not asking. Here's my suggestion-but get ready- it's the direct approach. Next time she says something, look her right in the eye and say very calmly "Name, Thanks for your concern but I would really prefer if you didn't give me advice or comment about my weight unless I ask you." If she is really dense, you can add "I really don't find that sort of advice helpful and it makes me uncomfortable." I think it's okay to be a little rude and much more effective than going into all the reasons why you gain weight. What she is doing is quite rude in my opinion. On the other hand, if she is elderly, you might use a lighter touch. My grandmother tends to pinch anyone's extra weight- none of us like it- but we mostly let it go. At one point when I was feeling particularly self conscious, I did take her hand gently and said "You have to stop that!" with a smile. My cousin playfully pinched her back once but really, there ain't nothing to pinch on that lady. She'll be ninety next month and still does yoga every day- nothing to live up to there- Ha! Lucky for me, she's my stepgrandmother so nobody expects me to live up to her standard including her!


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          Thanks everyone. I will focus on the qualities I love about myself and if I need medications to survive and they cause weight so be it. Strange but I usually am an assertive person but with some family members...........
          If you keep a green bough in your heart
          the singing bird will come.


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            Songbird: I think you're mother and mine must be related! They sound just alike. All I hear is how if I get to feeling better I might be able to lose weight. I've decided that with IC, thyroid disease, Chron's disease and chronic trochanteric burisits I have enough already to worry about...the H***with worring about the extra 25 lbs I'm packing at almost age 50! I'm strong, have good bone structure and density and can still work all day in the garden or cut brush, or repair stone walls....I don't need to be skinny too.