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    How do y'all travel in the car anywhere? Some times even short trips cause me pain. Does anyone have any strategies to help with the pelvic pain that seems to be a result of the jarring motion of car travel? We do have an old suburban, but even when I travel with others I experience misery. The pain doesn't just end when I exit the vehicle either. Yet, if I stay home I feel pretty good. What's up with this?
    Any suggestions would be so welcome, and no, a Lexus doesn't seem to fit into my financial plans just yet! Besides, we have a family of 6!

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    Pillows! I have one of the cushions that takes the pressure off the perinium and it really helps. I can ride in the car for hours (with frequent potty stops). It can also help to have a small pillow behind my back. I like small pillows because it's easier to adjust them to the most comfortable position.

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      Well that's a easy one to answer........

      I just sleep!! Since I can remember I've always slept everywhere we went in the car. Sure I miss all the sights but I guess I'm saving it for the real destination......besides I get car sick real easy. [img]rolleyes.gif[/img] [img]rolleyes.gif[/img]

      Jaime [img]wink.gif[/img]
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        I take at least 4, one a small travel pillow, one regular pillow and 2 that I made myself so that I could make them the thickness I wanted. And, I take my pain medication just before we leave. We have a small cottage 1 1/2 hours from home and we go every weekend and I am getting so much better at making myself comfortable....if I'm in an especially bad flare I also take a walkman with me so that I can have music blaring into my helps to fight the pain.

        tons of hugs~
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          I agree with Terry Pillows, Pillows and more Pillows. I also use a 10's unit. That can help with the pain and also I take a pain pill. Hugs



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            Everyone is right - pillows are the key. I'm from California and I go to school in Maine, so I have done A LOT of cross country driving over the past 3 years and I could not survive without my pillows. Like Teri, I always bring at least four or five. I sit on one, use one for my back, and when those get a little flat, I switch them out for my fresh, plump ones. I also am very careful to avoid trigger foods, which means I pack a couple days worth of safe goodies in the car and always hit up grocery stores when I'm running low. Bring music for the disraction and above all, TAKE YOUR MEDS! For long trips I use oxycontin because it's long acting and because it doesn't make me as fuzzy as the short acting meds. Don't push it either - I tend to start early in the morning and stop early in the evening, becasue my pain is always lowest in the morning and gets worse as the day goes on. I hope this helps.


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              Thanks everyone for your advice. I do use a pillow but perhaps I need to experiment and see if some work better than others. Even short trips are bothering me. It's discouraging, but I'm working on it and know that Jesus is faithful.


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                Carrie; I used to have the WORST time in a car, I couldn't drive at all and even being a passenger was like a visit to a torture chamber. Definately strong pain meds were key, but the other thing that really helped was a special kind of cushion used for camping. It is an inflatable foam filled mattress made by Therma-Rest. Also Slumberjack and a few other companies make them, the key thing is that it is inflated with a valve, (it only takes a few puffs) and it contains both foam and air. You can adjust the firmness by opening or closing the valve to let air in or out. I found that it absorbed the torture-causing vibrations from my old Honda Civic MUCH better than anything else (regular pillows just didn't do it for me). I no longer need it but I can honestly say that for 2 years it was really a life-saver. They come in many sizes and thicknesses and lengths, and cost from 40.00 to about 80.00 (yeah they are not cheap!) If you buy it mail order from (an outdoor retailer) or (discount retailer that sometimes carries them) you can return it if it doesn't work for you. I used a 3/4 length 1 inch thick model and folded it in thirds to make a seat; 2 layers under my tush and one behind my back. If the brand name info gets edited out of this post (please is this REALLY nessesary- obviously I'm not trying to sell anything!) just go to any reputable backpacking or mountaineering outfitter (cheapo places don't carry them) and ask for foam filled inflateable mattresses. I hope this helps! beth_s


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                  Thank you for taking your time to reply! What a great idea. I plan to give it a whirl.
                  Your reply is such an encouragement to me.


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                    Why do you no longer need the cushion? I'd be so thrilled to learn that you are doing well.