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My Hawaiian vacation.....a BUST :O(

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  • My Hawaiian vacation.....a BUST :O(

    What a nighmare.....the flight took a total of 15 hours, great when you are flaring! The resort we stayed at was so huge that you had to take a tram to get from one end to the other....great when you are having a flare. Every place we went I was looking for a potty to pee or a bathroom with good enough lighting to beable to cath.

    For 2 years I had been looking forward to this vacation and all the wrong things ended up happening. Pushed myself WAY too hard and those friggin' strawberries I ate every stinkin' morning sure didn't help things. Came home and was in bed for 2 days with a horrific fibro flare. be 'normal' for just a week [img]frown.gif[/img]
    Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".

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    Welcome back Teri, sure did miss you lots!!!

    So sorry that you were not feeling so well on you vacation!!! [img]frown.gif[/img]

    The warm sunny weather must of been nice Teri!! [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Please feel better real soon Teri...

    Hugs: Debbie
    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      HI, TERI.... Welcome home and back to the ICN!
      I missed you a lot!
      Glad your safely back.
      Sue C.~
      [email protected]


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        I'm so sorry you were flaring during your vacation. I know you were excited about going!! You're right, the flight to Hawaii from here is gruelling...I had a tough time with it myself. I was also sick the whole time we were there but let's not give up on future vacations, k? I'm glad you're back!

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        We knew that the world would never be the same."
        ~Brian Andres

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          Two words, that sucks!

          I wish I could say more, but that pretty much covers it. Did hubbie have a good time, or is he really annoyed overall? (you know men, they might have had a good time, but be ticked because we didn't........then they gripe.......ugh!) I do hope that your flare is over, and stays gone!

          Welcome back, Lisa
          God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging......The LORD Almighty is with us the GOD of Jacob is our fortress." Psalm 46:1-3,7

          May God bless our nation


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            I'm so sorry it wasn't wonderful for you. I know how much you looked forward to going.

            Lesa is right --- don't give up planning future vacations.

            Stay safe

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              [img]frown.gif[/img] [img]frown.gif[/img] [img]frown.gif[/img] [img]frown.gif[/img] [img]frown.gif[/img] [img]frown.gif[/img]
              I'm glad you're home tho!
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                I'm so sorry you had a crappy time. [img]frown.gif[/img] I hope you're feeling better now. They girls are right - don't let this stop you from having fun traveling in the future.

                My new hubby and I are heading out on Saturday to Hawaii. I have to admit, after reading your post, I'm concerned I'll have a horrible time of it! [img]frown.gif[/img] Keep your fingers crossed for me, K? I'm fending off a UTI right now too, on top of everything.

                Hang in there! We missed you on the boards!
                Melanie J.
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                  Melanie [img]biggrin.gif[/img] Stay away from the friggin' strawberries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, have a great time. The check in clerks at the airports leaving Detroit weren't too helpful when I explained my need to be close to the bathroom but coming home I got a gem of a gal who put us in the exit row where we had much more room and I was sooooooooooooooooo much more comfortable (physically & mentally) Unless you have already gotten your seating assignments, get to the airport early and ask about the exit row's the only way I will travel like that again.

                  You should have GREAT weather cuz we had rain and no sun for 5 days.....we used up all the bad stuff [img]wink.gif[/img]

                  Have fun and do the best you can with your diet.....I let those stinkin stawberries get the best of me, don't fall for their fake smiles [img]eek.gif[/img] [img]eek.gif[/img] [img]eek.gif[/img]
                  Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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                    Teri, missed you!!!!!!! I don't even sniff strawberries anymore. I want to hear more about the trip.
                    We can help one another here. Sue


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                      I am so sorry that you didn't feel well during your trip. You deserved a break! the Seattle like weather, and those vicious strawberries didn,t help. Having to avoid pineapple in Hawaii takes away a lot of the fun of dining. The problem with chronic illness, is that when we go on vacation, it comes along . If I am ever able to fly again, and the way I have been feeling, I am starting to doubt that, I plan on wearing a diaper. On my last trip to Hawaii, no one was allowed out of their seat for almost 6 hours. we had to remain seated because the plane was rocking back forth due to mechanical problems. the pilot could not control this movement. People were vomiting in their seats and were not allowed to go to the rest rooms for any reason. My bladder was killing me. My children decided to read the safety information card. A previous passenger had drawn a picture of sharks eating the people from the ditched plane. The captain eventually got the plane under control, and we got to use the restrooms. The FAA grounded the airline for good, 4 months latter. A diaper would have relieved some of the stress. Now if we could only get our illnesses to take separate vacations!