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    Hello Everyone hi
    I am so excited that Christmas is only 11 days away!! My family and I decided to drive to San Francisco, California for Christmas from Kansas City. I'm a little scared though.
    1.Because of the weather. Driving out there is going to be pretty scary because of the snow and ice.
    2. Because I am afraid that I am going to be in pain the whole time. Ever since I was diagnosed with IC I havent been on a Vacation so I am a little hessitant about going. Just a little. Any suggestions?? I am trying not to think about me having a bad vacation because of flare ups.
    I've been to California twice and I just think it is beautiful! We usually stay a little in San Francisco, Napa, and Berkely. I just want to take some of those beautiful palm trees! It is so fun driving out there thou Because Kansas is sooo flat! And when your driving you see all of the beautiful mountains and see all the lights when we drive through Las Vegas! Ohh and the Valleys and the Winerys! I can't wait. We're supposed to be leaving the 20th and coming back I think on January 5th. Is anyone else going somewhere for the holidays? I'd love to here from anyone? Oh and I was also wondering if anyone lives out there in California were we are driving to. Happy Holidays again everyone!!
    Bear Hugs grouphug and Big Kisses kissing

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    Yes, we are going on a Western Carribean cruise. And I will get to go through the Panama Canal. My great, great grandfather crossed Panama using mules when he went to California to pan for gold. This will be dream number 2 coming true.

    In October, a trip to Wisconsin with my best friend from high school enabled me to finish seeing all 50 states--dream number 1. Her son lives in Wisconsin, and she suggested that we drive and vist him and his family and I could fulfill my dream. [She did all of the driving.] She remembers that seeing all 50 states was my ambition all the way through high school.

    Since the last 9 states that I have visited have been after my IC became ulcerated, I have worked out the finer points of traveling with IC.

    PM me if you have any travel questions. However, my best advice is to travel with understanding people and be honest about what you can and cannot do.


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      Hello Vicky,
      This sounds like a lot of fun!! :cool:
      Do you take any thing for pain relief??If not mabey you should check into this with your doctor some thing just for the trip it realy can be helpful.
      Enjoy your trip & holidays.
      Take care.Love, Zookeeper Kim
      Animals are very comforting when
      pain & life gets you down...

      Keep your head held high and don't let any thing bring you down.


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        I would make sure you get all your meds freshly filled from the uro. Ask your regular md for a patch if you get car sick. Also this will make you a little drowsy, which isn't bad when you don't want to stop every 15 min for a potty break. I don't know how many are going to travel with you but you might want to get the travel john from the ICN shop.
        Wear comfy clothes and have lots of fun!!!
        Try not to think about flaring before you leave. Cause the stress of it might make you.
        Let us know how you made it!!
        Tons of support,

        IC angel helping families in need for the holidays. [email protected]