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Traveling where there are few bathrooms

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  • ICNDonna
    You might look into the "Travel John" --- the link is at the top of this page. I think I would give them a try before the vacation so you'll feel more comfortable with them.

    You may be surprised to find that you aren't the only one with bathroom needs! I've long since got used to asking for the restroom directory any time we go anywhere. [img]rolleyes.gif[/img]

    Just concentrate on having a good time.

    Sending an encouraging hug,

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  • buana1
    started a topic Traveling where there are few bathrooms

    Traveling where there are few bathrooms

    This summer I will be travelling with some people who do not know I have IC (or "pee problems" as some of my friends say). We will at times be where there are few bathrooms. I just can't let IC stop me from living my life.

    I'm not so worried when I'm with my family, but I will be horrified if I am with a group of people I do not know well and have to go and there is no place to do so. Sometimes I wish I were a man!! How do you deal with it when you are with people you hardly know? I've missed out on too much fun in my life, and refuse to do so any more.