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  • Ldndon

    I love to travel and IC isn't going to stop me. so I prepare. Cruises are the best for all in one food/bathroooms and just relaxing but after 10 or more you get kinda bored on a ship but if you cruise pick a big ship less chance of getting sea sick.

    ok, back to London my favorite city and what I like to do is get an aisle seat on plane a doctors letter will get you a bulkhead seat easier to get up and down for bathroom trips. drink only water on plane...that coffee and tea does smell good ah
    I make sure I know where all the bathrooms are all tube stations usually have them.
    also, you can always rely on McDonald's for clean bathrooms

    but the Tower of London has toilets, the river cruises and all the museums British museum etc. drink pently of cold water and watch your bladder diet and you'll be fine.

    Did Rome last year it was more of a adventure for toilets than London or Paris

    I'm lucky I only have endless voiding no pain but I do bleed ( last 5 years nonstop) but between vicadin and motrin keep a stiff upper lip