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    hello there - I am wondering if anyone has had an experience of Chinese medicine - I have had a cystoscopy and bladder stretch in May this year which provided relief for about 5 months. I am willing to try anything and am going to visit a Chinese medicine specialist on Saturday. I would be very grateful if anyone could let me know if they've had it. Thanks x

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    I had recently the cystoscopy (but not the hydro) she said that my bladder looked irritated. I chose not to have the hydro, she said based on my symptoms that I probably have IC.

    Anyway I didn't want to try the medicine due to the side effects. So I'm trying the natural approach.

    So for 5 weeks I have been going to an acupuncturist and she has me on chinese medicine herbs.....I do feel good after my acupuncture and for a couple days afterward, but my frequency and pressure comes back......
    I don't have pain with my symptoms.

    Do you have pain?

    It might help more with pain, I'm not sure, but I read an article on the internet about a lady with IC and how acupuncture and chinese herbs helped her and it was on her 12 session it started to help.

    I'm going to keep going, and give it chance.

    Let me know how your session goes.
    take care


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      thank you - I went to the Chinese med place yesterday and she was reaaly nice - for once nobody told me it was all in my head! She gave me some tablets which I have to take 3 times daily and these long sticks which I have to heat up and place over my bladder area - I am going to try those sticks today. I must say that I am only new to this site and I feel so much better as I have found support from so many different people like yourself so I feel better emotionally. Thank you for the reply - Hope you have a good day today - I will let you know how I get on HUGS from Louise x [img]tongue.gif[/img]