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  • A place TO GO!!

    Even for a day trip, treating your IC sufferer (or treating yourself) to a day at the spa can be wonderful... although some IC patients can't soak in the tubs, sometimes the mineral baths WON'T give them UTI's. You just have to try.

    I can't let this topic go without mentioning a new spa experience I had in Costa Rica. It's a massage called Watsu. It is unbelievable, and IC friendly. The therapist takes you into a 4 foot deep pool of water (in bathing suits) and supports you with floaty foam, and GLIDES you through the water. Gently pulling you across the pool by your tippy toes, guiding your body by caressing your neck and "swishing" you through the water in serpentine motions, curling you up into a little ball and lifting you out of the water, using their bodies to support you and bend you and hold you. It's like passive water-yoga,, it's like being in the womb.

    We had it done as a couple in a jungle pool, and when done, both of our tounges were dangling out of our mouths and we were "purrrrring" for lack of a better description. My wife reported that unlike a deep tissue or swedish, her delicate IC body didn't react negatively to this. She loved it.

    Quote from them...
    This unique water therapy created by Harold Dull in 1980, incorporates the use of our mineral hot springs, gentle movement and pressure-point massage techniques similar to shiatsu. Watsu is deeply relaxing, nurturing and supportive, allowing your body to be moved in ways that would be impossible on land. It is truly an unforgettable experience. If you suffer from motion sickness, please advise your therapist prior to your session.

    "In the water, our bodies find the freedom that they have lost. Watsu is a continual exploration of that freedom." Harold Dull

    "I've got ways of making you feel comfortable that haven't been invented yet!"

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    Ooooohhh...I want one! My body went limp when I read that!

    "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on" -Franklin D. Roosevelt