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    Hey, guys! My hubby and I are taking the kids(5 and 3) up to Gatlinburg TN for a 9-day vacation! We are renting a cabin on Ski Mountain. We're sharing the cabin with our friends from DC and their baby(our godson baby ). Anyway, I am DREADING the car ride there. We live in Dallas and are over 800 miles from there. I don't know what I was thinking when I OK'd this trip. My ic was ok at that point, I guess. We leave Friday, April 25. I'm very excited about seeing our friends but I am so nervous about being in the car. Any suggestions? Also, if you've been to the area, what do you suggest for fun things to do?
    grouphug Alyson
    If you have time to worry, you have time to pray!

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    see if you can buy a heating pad that plugs into the lighter outset. Take travel pillows to use under the seat belt and put on your tummy. When every you see a sign that says "rest stop" 1/2 mile.....stop and see if you can pee. I usually take some thing that I absoluately love but shouldn't eat with me. I figure I'm going to be in pain anyways so I may as well drink it....(duha) Than a CD player with headphones, that way you can block out the kids and you husband too if need be. If you can afford it, buy your kids each a cheap one too, my grandchildren are your kid's ages and they LOVE them.

    They do sell travel games for kids your age. Check into it.....also, LOTS of paper and pencils and something hard to write on so that the kids can keep themselves busy with that.

    And, Pray like the dickens wink
    Let us know how it went
    sending tons and tons of gentle hugs~
    Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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      Teri is right about pillows --- small ones are best so you can adjust your position easily and often. I buy spring water to take with me in the car so I will be sure to drink enough. And I'm VERY careful to avoid my diet triggers on vacation --- the pain just isn't worth it. Those stick-on self heating pads are great too and small enough that you can tuck one inside your clothing where it's needed.

      A hint about seat belts --- Pull the shoulder belt so it's really loose around your abdomen --- then clip a spring clothespin where the seat belt comes through the clip above your shoulder. That will keep the belt loose, but if there is any kind of accident the clothespin pops off and the belt tightens --- so it's safe to do it.

      The other advice I have is to enjoy yourself and have a wonderful vacation!

      Stay safe

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        Have a nice vacation. I know they sell the travel pillows at Walmart and I have seen alot of people buying them. Just take care of you and rest, and stop like Teri said to stop and walk around a bit. Please let us know how you make out and I will be praying for you. Hang in there. There is hope.
        Hang in there , There is hope.
        There is hope. Prayer works.

        Love, Debbie


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          You guys are the best! Thanks for the great advice! Teri, can you find those heating pads that plug into the lighter at places like Walmart? I love that idea and I am definitely going out today to buy some of those travel pillows! My husband is very good about stopping as soon as I say "I gotta go!" He learned long ago that when I say it, I MEAN it! eek Oh,also, the Easter Bunny brought my kids those little Crayola Wonder Markers--have y'all seen them? They are clear and only show up colors on special "Wonder" paper. That way, if it gets on the seat or something, it doesn't show up! It's great!
          Thanks for all the great advice! I'm going to miss y'all so much!
          grouphug Alyson
          If you have time to worry, you have time to pray!


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            Enjoy your trip! I find that taking frequent rest breaks (and walking around for a few minutes while you're there) helps a lot. I try to keep the seatbelt loose enough so that it isn't putting pressure on my belly. If I don't have a pillow, I try to tuck one leg under my butt from time to time to shift my weight some.

            I drove from Atlanta to New Orleans and back this past weekend. I actually weathered it better than I had anticipated (even the morning we were leaving where I decided to have coffee and soon regretted it...) and never had to ask to hit the rest stops because everyone else seemed to have to go at least as much as I did!!

            Some people find that drinking lots of water helps them. I basically have to be like a camel -- no water at least 2 hours before setting out and only ocassional sips during the ride when I feel thirsty.

            Have a great time!

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              Have a great time allyson. Let us know how you make out when you come back. You can do it. Have fun and relax.
              Hang in there , There is hope.
              There is hope. Prayer works.

              Love, Debbie