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GRRRRR Vacation is coming

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  • GRRRRR Vacation is coming

    Ok I know I shouldn't dread vacation but I do. It is 5 hours to DC from my home and 85 % is on mountainious roads with very little opportunity for potty breaks. and really not that many places to pull off and hide along the road. GRRRR what we will do for our families. I have already thought of the flares that I will suffer from this trip. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am sure my legs will be crossed most of the way.


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    Here is a thought. I can't remember who has posted it on here before but someone takes a big towel with them and they pee into the towel. You could have one towel to cover your lap and then pee into the towel and have a plastic bag to put the towel into. If you wore a skirt, I think you could maybe scoot forward in the seat and use the Travel John that they sell on here. I usually have a heat pack, to help keep my muscles relaxed on those long trips and my medications. I know the more I stress about it the worse it is.

    Hey, have fun though. You live once and enjoy what you can! You can make it through it!

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      If you wear a loose fitting dress, you can use a travel john fairly easily --- and if you have a towel along you can make sure there aren't any drips on your clothing.

      I also take along my IC pillow when we go in the car or motor home. It takes the pressure off the perineal area and makes me much more comfortable.

      I find that if I know I have a place or the means to empty my bladder, my stress level goes way down, which helps keep me comfortable.

      The only other suggestion I have is to take some pain medication along --- just in case. You may not need it, but don't be without it.

      Almost forgot --- have a good time!

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        As I am new here, I am not sure if this has been mentioned before but thought I'd add this suggestion to the list. Early this spring my elderly mother-in-law passed away and I was faced with an unexpected long trip to attend her funeral. I was newly diagnosed and not prepared to attempt travel, but had no choice. I needed to leave right away and give my husband and his family all the support I could muster. I had ordered an IC cushion but it had not arrived yet. Knowing I needed something to cushion the ride, I grabbed an unused pillow my husband had purchased. It was a lifesaver for me! It is made of visco-elastic memory foam, a material designed by NASA. Many companies now make beds, pillows and various other products of this material. Unlike other foam, it is pressure and heat sensitive and very dense so it does not transfer vibrations. It worked beautifully as a seat cushion! Because of the unique properties of this material, all engine vibration and almost all the normal road vibration that is so irritating was blocked and didn't transfer to my bladder. I rode comfortably for the entire round trip---3,000 miles! That's not a typo---3,000 miles!!! Pillows and cushions made of memory foam are expensive but prices are going down a bit now that more and more companies are manufacturing them. At home or around town I always use my IC cushion, but for longer car rides I grab my memory foam pillow. I definitely think it is worth looking into. For me, it works wonders and makes travel possible. I hope this might help others, too.

        Hope you have a wonderful trip!

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          Thanks girls, never thought of that kind of pillow Annie. I will give that a try, as well as the travel John. I was think more on the lines of a Morphine drip. lmao lmao lmao



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            try not to stress about it are you may flare and most important thing is to have a good time!
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              I am bakc and it was HE--/ I would have rather had a life sentence to Alcatraz. I have been in the world largest Flare and in he-- since Friday. I will take daggers to my finger nails before I will ever ride in a car for 5 hours again, especially with hubby. Pit stops were so few and far between.