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Going on a looonng road trip

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  • Going on a looonng road trip

    Well, my family and i are going on our road trip from NJ to Florida for Thanksgiving. This is the first time we will be doing it since my symptoms appeared. We usually drive 14 hours to St. Augustine. Of course, i am stressing about me being in the car for so long. Thank god we have a large minivan,so i can stretch and lie down a bit. I am going to order the happy vacation kit from the IC store. Any other suggestions for me. I am praying that the day we go .... my bladder disappears!!!!
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    We do these long trips several times a year. I have a 12 volt back board that heats and vibrates. I take the tape on heat pads that you can put over your bladder area. We always take a porta potty too in case we can't get to a bathroom soon enough. The travel john sold on here is in my purse too. I take my own water so I know what I am drinking does not bother me. Also have all your meds with you. Have a good time and enjoy the holiday.


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      Hi and good luck on your road trip, the IC cushion is a blessing, so I hope you have one. I have only done an 8 hour road trip after my diagnosis, but it went really well, and I was pleased, as I was a little nervous shall we say. I love St. Augustine, used to live in Florida, in Gainesville, and loved it, my children were born there, so I am sorta partial to it. You will have to let us know how the trip went. Sounds like you have the ideal transportation to ride down in, especially if you can lay down, and sounds like you have one of the necessities, the heating pad, oh and the travel john and porta potty, got it all covered by the sound of things, take care and have a great trip when the time comes, hugs Iris hi blink
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        Don't think about stressing out when the trip gets closer. That always makes me flare. The longest I've been in the car was 9 hours. We stopped a every rest stop along the way. And only one gas station in between those.
        I was sooo proud of myself.
        You'll do great.
        Oh call the family ahead of time when you're coming around to the house and tell them to clear the bathroom out, you're bout there!!
        Have fun!
        Tons of support,

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          Donna, if you haven't already ask your doctor for a temporary medical (disabled) parking permit.

          I would not need that on a daily basis, but it is PRICELESS on vacation. It takes away so much pressure. Especially if you will be visiting the theme parks in Florida!

          have FUN!!!!!
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            all great advise. Mine--have fun!!I usually try to sit in the front (less bouncy less problems). Have a way to go incase of emergencies, and possibly some toilet seet covers --road trips often mean going in uncleanly places.
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